Locked Out Of Your Samsung Galaxy S5? Here’s How To Unlock It

If you've forgotten your Samsung Galaxy S5 lock screen pin, you might be frustrated to learn that most solutions require you to perform a hard factory reset that wipes all data from your device. However, there might be a way to unlock your Samsung Galaxy S5 and retain your data. The following offers detailed steps for unlocking your Galaxy S5 and how to factory reset your S5 in the worst case scenario.

How To Unlock Your Samsung Galaxy S5 with Android Device Manager

If you've registered your Galaxy S5 with Android Device Manager, you can use the service's “lock” feature to reset your password from any computer. You might not remember registering your device with the service, but if you've downloaded apps to your device from your desktop or made purchases using your device, chances it has been registered.

STEP 1: Visit the Android Device Manager from a desktop computer.

STEP 2: Accept the tracking agreement, then locate your device on the screen.


STEP 4: Follow the steps to lock your phone and set a temporary password.

STEP 5: Enter the temporary password on your Galaxy S5 – you should now be granted access.

STEP 6: Set a new pin/password, and jot it down for safekeeping in the event you forget it again.

How To Unlock Your Samsung Galaxy S5 with Samsung Find My Mobile

If you've registered your device with Samsung, the “Remote Controls” on your device are automatically enabled and you can use Samsung's Find My Mobile service to temporarily reset your pin/password to access your Galaxy S5. If you have not registered your device with Samsung, it's worth trying to register it now to see if the service will automatically activate and allow you to reset your codes.

STEP 1: Register your device with Samsung.

STEP 2: Use the Find My Mobile service and follow the prompts to set a temporary password.

STEP 3: Access your phone using your temporary password, then set a new password you will remember. It's a good idea to jot this password down and store it in a safe place for future reference.

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How To Factory Reset Your Samsung Galaxy S5

As a last resort, you will need to reset your Galaxy S5 to factory settings, which will erase all data. The following lists steps for resetting your S5 using hardware buttons, since you're locked out of the software.

STEP 1: Press and hold the VOLUME UP, HOME, and POWER buttons until you see the Samsung logo.

STEP 2: Release the buttons and the developer menu will appear. Use the VOLUME DOWN button to scroll to select “wipe data/factory reset.”

STEP 3: Press the POWER button.

STEP 4: Use the VOLUME DOWN button to scroll and select “yes – delete all user data.”

STEP 5: Press the POWER button. Your Samsung Galaxy S5 will now be reset to factory settings.

For a visual guide to resetting your Samsung Galaxy S5 to factory settings, watch this YouTube video.



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