Locked Out Of Your Samsung Galaxy S5? Here’s How To Unlock It

If you've forgotten your Samsung Galaxy S5 lock screen pin, you might be frustrated to learn that most solutions require you to perform a hard factory reset that wipes all data from your device. However, there might be a way to unlock your Samsung Galaxy S5 and retain your data. The following offers detailed steps for unlocking your Galaxy S5 and how to factory reset your S5 in the worst case scenario.

How to unlock your Samsung Galaxy S5 with Samsung Find My Mobile

If you’ve registered your device with Samsung, you can use Find My Mobile to reset your password or pin.
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STEP 1: Visit Samsung Find My Mobile from another device
STEP 3: Set a new password or pin
Use your new password or pin to unlock your Galaxy S5.

How to factory reset your Galaxy S5

If you can’t use Samsung Find My Mobile, you can reset your Galaxy S5 to factory settings. It’s not quite the same as unlocking your phone since it will wipe your data (so be sure you have a backup first), but it will allow you to set up your Galaxy S5 like new, complete with a new password or pin. Then, you can restore a backup (more on that below). Here’s how to factory reset your Galaxy S5.

Via Google Find My Device

STEP 1: Visit Google Find My Device from another device
STEP 2: Select your phone, then choose ERASE
Note that this option is only available if your phone is turned on, connected to the Internet and has both Location and Find My Device enabled.

Via Recovery Mode

STEP 1: Press and hold the VOLUME UP, HOME and POWER buttons until you see the Samsung logo
STEP 2: Release the buttons and the developer menu will appear. Use the VOLUME DOWN button to select “wipe data/factory reset”
STEP 3: Press the POWER button
STEP 4: Use the VOLUME DOWN button to scroll and select “yes – delete all user data”
STEP 5: Press the POWER button. Your Samsung Galaxy S5 will now be reset to factory settings

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How to unlock your Galaxy S5 with software

If you don’t have a backup, you can give unlocking software a try. You might need to spend a few bucks, but it might be a better option than losing your photos, files and other data. Dr. Fone and iMyFone are two options; or, search Google for “Samsung Galaxy S5 unlock software” and “Android unlock software.” Make sure any unlocking software is legit before you use it to avoid loading malware onto your phone (this is especially important for free software).

How to restore your Samsung Galaxy S5 after a factory reset

If automatic backup was enabled on your device, you can set up your Galaxy S5 like new and log in to your Google account to recover your photos, contacts and other data. You can also restore your phone via Samsung Cloud, if it was enabled. If you don’t have a backup, you won’t be able to recover your data. In that case, unlocking software might be worth a try.

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