Broken iPhone? Here’s What You Can Do

Do you have a cracked iPhone screen? Dead battery? iPhone won’t charge or power on? If your iPhone is damaged or doesn’t work, you have options. Here’s what you can do with a broken iPhone.

Fix it

There’s a good chance your iPhone can be repaired. If it’s under warranty, repairs will likely be free; if you have phone insurance, you’ll probably need to pay a deductible (but it’s cheaper than buying a new iPhone).

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No coverage? You can fix your own iPhone or pay an iPhone repair service. The DIY method is the cheapest option, starting at around $20 for aftermarket iPhone screens, but you could cause more damage if you don’t know what you’re doing.

Professional phone repair is the safest bet, with cracked screen repair costs ranging from $59 to $160 for older iPhones and up to $250 or more for the latest models.

Paid iPhone repair options include local repair shops like Apple Stores, online phone repair companies and iCracked, which sends a repair tech to your location.

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Sell it

Sell your broken iPhone if you don’t want to hassle with repairs or you’re ready to upgrade to a new device. In some cases, you’ll make more money if you sell your damaged iPhone as-is instead of fixing it first, since repair costs can offset profits.

How much is a broken iPhone worth? At the time of this writing, a broken iPhone XS Max was worth up to $290. An iPhone XS could fetch $275 and a damaged iPhone X value was $235. A broken iPhone 8 was worth $157 and an iPhone 7 could sell for $90.

Did you know? Many broken phones are worth $100+. Find the value of your phone.


Donate it

Some charities can put your broken iPhone to good use. For example, Cell Phones For Soldiers recycles broken phones and uses the proceeds to provide free communication services and emergency funds for active-duty military members and veterans.

iPhone donations are usually tax-deductible. Just be sure to get a receipt that includes the value of your iPhone so you can write it off during tax season.

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Recycle it

Don’t throw your iPhone away; instead, dispose of your iPhone properly by recycling it. Recycling saves the environment from e-waste that leeches dangerous chemicals into water, soil and air. Many companies offer free recycling services (including Apple), and you can find recycling centers nationwide.

IMPORTANT: Only recycle your iPhone at certified recycling centers.  Where to recycle phones

If your iPhone is broken, you have options. Use the resources listed here to fix your iPhone, sell it for cash or make the world a better place by donating or recycling your iPhone.

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