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Cracked Apple Watch Screen Repair Cost

How much does it cost to replace a cracked Apple Watch screen? The answer depends on your model and which repair option you choose. Compare Apple Watch screen repair costs below.

Estimated Apple Watch screen replacement costs

Apple Watch ModelAppleCare+Carrier InsurancePro Repair ServiceDIY Repair
Series 4$69 to $79$29 to $275$299 to $399$205 to $250
Series 3$69 to $79$29 to $225$229 to $329; $800 Hermès (Apple Repair)$140 to $150
Series 2$69 to $79n/a$179 to $249; $800 Edition (Apple Repair)$95 to $160
Series 1$69 to $79n/a$119 to $249; $800 Edition (Apple Repair)$35 to $60
Series 0$69 to $79n/a$199 to $249; $2,800 Edition (Apple Repair)$45 to $60

Cracked Apple Watch screen repair options and costs

Cracked Apple Watch screen replacement costs vary by model and your selected repair option. Here’s what to expect.

Warranty repair: $0

All Apple Watches are covered by Apple’s one-year warranty, which offers free repairs for covered defects. Hermès models come with a two-year warranty. However, cracked screens are usually caused by accidental damage, which is not covered by Apple’s warranty.

If you believe a manufacturing defect is responsible for your cracked screen, contact Apple to see if you can get it fixed for free. It might be difficult to prove the damage wasn’t accidental, so be prepared to make your case. If Apple won’t cover your cracked Watch screen, you’ll need to pay to have it replaced.

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AppleCare+ repair: $69 to $79

If you have AppleCare+, cracked screen repairs cost $69 for most models and $79 for Hermès and Edition models. AppleCare+ is good for 24 months from the date of purchase for all models except Hermès, which are covered for 36 months.

The plan allows for two incidents of accidental damage and costs $49 to $99, depending on your Watch model. If you make a claim, Apple might send a replacement instead of your repaired Apple Watch.

Carrier insurance: $29 to $275

For new Apple Watches, Verizon Total Mobile Protection costs $15 per month and has a $29 deductible for unlimited cracked screen repairs.

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AT&T’s Mobile Protection Pack costs $11.99 per month and has a $49 deductible for cracked Apple Watch screens. Sprint Complete costs $13 per month but does not cover Apple Watch repairs; instead, you will be issued a replacement with a deductible ranging between $125 and $275, depending on your model.

T-Mobile Protection $360 costs $12 per month and comes with AppleCare, so the cracked screen deductible is $69 for the first 24 months. After that, Assurant handles claims and the deductible is $150 to $175. Note that carrier insurance plans typically do not cover Hermès and Edition models.

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Professional Apple Watch screen repair: $119 to $399 ($800 to $2,800 for Edition)

Expect to pay between $299 and $399 for Series 4 screen replacements, $229 to $329 for Series 3 repairs and $199 to $249 for Series 0, 1 and 2. Screen replacement costs for Edition models are significantly higher: $800 for Series 1, 2 and 3 and $2,800 for Series 0.

You might be able to save money with online and local repair companies like iFixYouri and Gopher Mods. For example, Apple charges $329 to replace the screen on an Apple Watch Series 3 Nike+ GPS + Cellular, but you could get the same repair for $229 from Gopher Mods.

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DIY Apple Watch repair: $35 to $250

If you’re comfortable making the repair, you can replace your own Apple Watch screen with parts from sites like FixEZ and iFixit. You can even find step-by-step instructions on iFixit and YouTube.

Repair kits cost anywhere between $5 and $50 or more, depending on the quality and number of tools, but you can get by with a cheaper set.

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If you go the DIY route, keep in mind you could cause more damage and void any warranties or insurance policies – so be sure you have the necessary skills before you dig into your Apple Watch.

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