Galaxy Note Charging Port Replacement Cost

Galaxy Note charging port not working? Repair costs vary by model and which repair option you select. Here’s a comparison of the Galaxy Note repair cost for different models and options.

Estimated Galaxy Note charging port replacement costs

ModelCarrier InsurancePro Repair ServiceDIY Repair
Galaxy Note 9$99 to $249$50 to $80$4 to $9
Galaxy Note 8$99 to $249$50 to $80$5 to $9
Galaxy Note 5$99 to $150$50 to $80$9 to $10
Galaxy Note 4$99 to $150$40 to $70$5 to $9
Galaxy Note 3$99 to $150$40 to $60$4 to $9
Galaxy Note II$99 to $150$40 to $50$4 to $9

Galaxy Note charging port repair options and costs

Costs vary by model and your selected repair option. Here’s what to expect.

Warranty repair: $0

Samsung offers a one-year warranty on all new Galaxy Notes. The warranty offers free repairs for covered defects, so you might be able to get your charging port repaired for free. Only manufacturer defects are covered, so if your charging port was broken as a result of accidental damage you’ll need to pay for repair.
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Carrier insurance: $99 to $299

Verizon Total Mobile Protection costs $15 per month and has a $99 to $249 deductible for Galaxy Note charging port repairs, depending on your model.
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AT&T’s Mobile Protection Pack costs $11.99 per month and standard deductibles range between $150 and $299. However, AT&T offers a declining deductible that reduces your costs if it’s been 6 or 12 months since your last approved claim, which means your deductible could be as low as $75. Sprint Complete costs $15 to $19 per month, depending on your model, and repair deductibles are between $115 and $140. If you have T-Mobile, Protection 360 costs $12 to $15 per month and the charging port repair deductible is $99 for all covered Galaxy Note models.
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Note that if you file a claim on your carrier insurance policy, you might receive a replacement or refurbished Galaxy Note instead of your original phone.

Professional repair services: $40 to $80

Phone repair shops typically charge between $40 and $80 to fix a broken Galaxy Note charging port, depending on the model and service provider. It’s a good idea to shop around to get the best deal.

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For example, Best Buy/Geek Squad charges $50 to repair the charging port on a Galaxy Note 5, 8 or 9; however, they do not appear to fix older models. MyBrokenPhone charges $79 to fix a Galaxy Note 9 charging port, but just $39 for a Galaxy Note 2, 3 or 4. In general, older phones are cheaper to repair and newer phones are slightly more expensive. Reference the table above to compare pricing for Galaxy Note charging port replacement.
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DIY Galaxy Note repair: $4 to $10

The do-it-yourself route is the cheapest way to fix a broken Galaxy Note charging port, but be careful: the repair can prove difficult and you risk causing additional damage. You’ll also likely void any warranties and insurance policies.
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Still want to fix your own Galaxy Note charging port? You can find replacement charging ports on sites like Repairs Universe, FixEZ and iFixit. Parts run between $4 and $10. Repair toolkits cost between $5 and $50, depending on the number and quality of included tools, and you can find Galaxy Note charging report replacement tutorials on sites like iFixit and YouTube.

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