Locked Out of Your Galaxy Note? Here’s How to Unlock It

Forgot your Galaxy Note password or lock screen pin? Entered the wrong code too many times and got locked out of your Galaxy Note? Here’s how to unlock it.

Method 1: Unlock your Galaxy Note with Android Device Manager

If you’ve enabled Android Device Manager, you can reset your Galaxy Note lock screen password remotely.
  1. Log in to Android Device Manager from another device
  3. Set a new password, then use it to bypass your Galaxy Note lock screen
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Method 2: Unlock your Galaxy Note with Samsung Find My Mobile

If you’ve registered your Galaxy Note with Samsung Find My Mobile, you can use it to reset your password. This will also disable any biometric security scanners.
  1. Log in to Samsung Find My Mobile
  2. Select UNLOCK
  3. Set a new password or pin, then use it to access your Galaxy Note
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Method 3: Factory reset your Galaxy Note

If you haven’t enabled Android Device Manager or Samsung Find My Mobile, you can factory rest your Galaxy Note. Doing so will wipe all your Note data and you will not be able to recover it unless you have a backup.
  1. On newer models like the Note 9 and Note 8, press and hold the VOLUME UP, POWER and BIXBY buttons until the recovery screen appears (on older models like the Galaxy Note 5, press and hold the VOLUME UP, POWER and HOME buttons)
  2. Press the VOLUME DOWN button to highlight WIPE DATA/FACTORY RESET
  3. Press the POWER BUTTON
  4. Use the VOLUME DOWN button to select and the POWER BUTTON to confirm the factory reset
Your Galaxy Note will be restored to factory settings so you can set up a new password.

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Method 4: Use Galaxy Note unlock software

If you don’t have a backup and you’re afraid of losing valuable photos and other data, you can consider Galaxy Note unlock software. These programs typically cost money and you need to vet them to ensure they’re legit, since software could place malware on your device. Options include iMyFone and Dr. Fone; alternatively, you can search Google for “Galaxy Note unlock software” and “Android unlock software.”

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