Samsung Galaxy Note Battery Replacement: DIY or Hire It Out?

Galaxy Note battery dead or not charging? We compared Galaxy Note battery replacement options and costs to help you decide whether to fix it yourself or pay for professional repair. NOTE: Samsung will replace a faulty battery free-of-charge if your Galaxy Note is still covered under its standard 12-month warranty.

Should you replace your own Galaxy Note battery?

You can easily replace the battery if you have an original Galaxy Note through Note 4. Slide a fingernail along the seam and gently lift to remove the back cover, swap the old battery with the new, then snap the cover back on. It’s a simple process, as described in this video:

Battery replacement is trickier for the Galaxy Note 5 and later models. These phones have integrated batteries and fixed back covers. The process varies slightly for each model, but in general you’ll need to:
  • Discharge your current battery to below 25% (this prevents fires and explosions)
  • Heat the rear glass to soften the underlying adhesive
  • Use a pick and suction cup to separate the rear glass from the frame
  • Disconnect various cables and screws
  • Pry the battery loose, then replace it and reassemble your Note
The process is similar for the Galaxy Note 5, Note 8 and Note 9, described in this video: It’s a moderately difficult job, but if you have the right tools and experience with electrical component repair you can replace your own battery in less than an hour (find Galaxy Note battery replacement guides on sites like iFixit and YouTube).
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If the idea of tearing into your Galaxy Note makes you nervous, you might want to leave it to the experts. Options include local repair stores, online mail-in repair services and on-site repair. WARNING: DIY battery replacement can void your warranty and/or insurance policy. It also risks additional damage that could end up costing you more than professional battery replacement. Be wary of poorly constructed aftermarket batteries that could leak acid, catch fire or even explode.

How much does Galaxy Note battery replacement cost?

Here’s how much popular repair services charge to replace a Galaxy Note battery. Want to do it yourself? Scroll down for pricing.
Batteries Plus$60 to $70
iFixYouri$30 to $100
Best Buy Geek Squad$50
Genius Phone Repair$25 to $95
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How much do Galaxy Note replacement batteries cost?

You can buy an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) battery to get an exact replacement; or, you can save money with an aftermarket brand. If you go the aftermarket route, be sure to buy from a reputable company that makes quality parts.

Here’s how much you can expect to pay for a new Galaxy Note battery.
New EggSamsung Arclyte Dantona$13 to $40Does not have batteries for all models
AmazonSamsung Bastex Idealforce HDCKU & More$10 to $40Has both OEM & aftermarket batteries
Repairs UniverseGeneric$10 to $14Has batteries for most Note models
iFixitSamsung Generic$15 to $33Has both OEM & aftermarket batteries. Offers complete battery replacement kits
For many people, the decision to hire a repair service or replace your own Galaxy Note battery comes down to the complexity of the repair and your comfort level doing it. If you have an older Galaxy Note or if you’re tech-savvy and budget-minded, DIY battery replacement might be your best option. If you’re not comfortable tearing into your Galaxy Note or simply don’t want to do it, it might be better to hire it out – especially since the cost difference might only be few dollars.

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