Cracked Galaxy Note Screen Repair Cost

How much does it cost to replace a cracked Galaxy Note screen? It depends on your model and selected repair option. Here’s a comparison of the Galaxy Note screen repair cost for different models and options.

Estimated cracked Galaxy Note screen replacement costs

Galaxy Note ModelSamsung Premium CareCarrier InsurancePro Repair ServiceDIY Repair
Galaxy Note 9$99$29 to $99$250 to $260$225 to $330
Galaxy Note 8$99$29 to $99$250 to $260$180 to $230
Galaxy Note 5n/a$29 to $99$200 to $230$115 to $150

Cracked Galaxy Note screen repair options and costs

Cracked Galaxy Note screen replacement costs vary by model and the repair option you choose. Here’s what to expect.

Warranty repair: $0

All new Galaxy Notes are covered by Samsung’s 12-month warranty, which offers free repairs for covered defects. Cracked screens are typically caused by accidental damage, however, which isn’t covered by the warranty.

If you believe your Note screen was cracked due to a manufacturing defect, make your case to Samsung. If they won’t cover it, you’ll need to pay for repair.

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Samsung Premium Care: $99

If you signed up for Samsung Premium Care when you purchased your Galaxy Note, you can get your screen fixed for a $99 deductible. The service costs $11.99 per month and covers up to three incidents of accidental damage within a 12-month period.

If you make a claim, Samsung will likely send a replacement phone instead of your original device.

Carrier insurance: $29 to $99

Verizon Total Mobile Protection costs $15 per month and includes unlimited cracked screen repairs for $29 each.

Verizon Phone Insurance: What it covers, what it doesn’t
AT&T’s Mobile Protection Pack costs $11.99 per month and has a $49 deductible for all cracked Galaxy Note screens. Sprint Complete costs $15 to $19 per month and has a $29 cracked screen deductible.

T-Mobile Protection 360 costs $14 to $15 per month and has a $99 deductible for cracked Galaxy Note screens.

T-Mobile Phone Insurance: What it covers, what it doesn’t
Note that you might get a replacement Galaxy Note instead of your original device when you make a carrier insurance claim.

Professional Galaxy Note repair: $200 to $260

Pro repair costs vary by model and shop, but you can generally expect to pay between $200 and $260 for broken Galaxy Note screen replacement. It’s a good idea to shop around for the best deals.

For example, BatteriesPlus charges $260 to repair a cracked Note screen, but Samsung charges $239 – and they’ll use OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) parts.

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DIY Galaxy Note repair: $115 to $330

You can repair your own Galaxy Note screen with an LCD and digitizer assembly from sites like Repairs Universe, DirectFix and iFixit.

Find step-by-step repair guides on sites like YouTube and iFixit – but make sure you’re comfortable making the repair first. If you make a mistake, you could cause additional (and costly) damage, plus void any warranties and insurance policies.

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Though the DIY price range is greater than professional repair, in general you’ll save money doing it yourself. For example, you can get a Galaxy Note 8 LCD and digitizer assembly for $180, which is $59 less than the cheapest professional repair option.

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