Meet 7Star Trade-In: Our Newest Trust Verified Store!

We recently named 7Star Trade-In as a Flipsy Trust Verified Store. Find out why 7Star Trade-In is one of the best places to sell your used phones and tablets! We’re excited to add 7Star Trade-In to the list of stores we instantly search to find the highest payouts for your used phones, tablets and other devices.

We thoroughly vet each partner to ensure each is a great place to sell used devices, and 7Star Trade-In has all the qualities we look for in a Flipsy Trust Verified Store. That means they:
  • Have excellent feedback from independent sources
  • Respond to questions within one business day or less
  • Issue payment within one to three days of receiving your devices
7Star Trade-In buys single phones and tablets as well as devices in bulk. They’re focused on providing a convenient sales process and effortless transactions. The company is also committed to the environment: they recycle any devices or accessories they can’t use.
You can trust Flipsy.  Find out why
7Star Trade-In offers high payouts and even buys broken phones, financed phones and iCloud/Android locked phones, so adding them to Flipsy helps fulfill our mission to get you the most money for your used devices – no matter what condition they’re in.

Did you know? Many phones are worth $100+. Find the value of your phone.

Here are some additional details:
  • Shipping is free – they’ll issue you a prepaid shipping label
  • You can choose between check or PayPal payments
  • If your device arrives in a different condition than you stated, you will receive a re-quote. If you decline the re-quote, and your device will be shipped back to you free-of-charge
  • You can track the status of your device and payout via your 7Star Trade-In account
Now, 7Star Trade-In is included in the instant price comparisons on Flipsy, where Trust Verified Stores compete to pay top dollar for used devices.

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