Cracked Google Pixel Screen Replacement Cost

How much does it cost to replace a Pixel screen? It depends on your model and selected repair option. Here’s a comparison of the Google Pixel screen repair cost for different models and options.

Estimated Google Pixel screen replacement costs

Google Pixel ModelGoogle Preferred CareCarrier InsurancePro Repair ServiceDIY Repair
Pixel 3a$79 ($29 walk-in)$29 to $99$110 to $149$80 to $120
Pixel 3a XL$89 ($39 walk-in)$29 to $99$120 to $159$80 to $130
Pixel 3$99 ($49 walk-in)$29 to $99$179 to $270$75 to $130
Pixel 3 XL$129 ($79 walk-in)$29 to $99$199 to $280$75 to $170
Pixel 2n/an/a$130 to $159$45 to $165
Pixel 2 XLn/an/a$179 to $220$45 to $220
Pixeln/an/a$99 to $130$40 to $120
Pixel XLn/an/a$139 to $150$45 to $130

Google Pixel screen repair options and costs

Google Pixel screen replacement costs vary by model and the repair option you choose. Here’s what to expect.

Warranty repair: $0

All new Pixels are covered by Google’s 12-month warranty, which offers free repairs for covered malfunctions and defects. Of course, a cracked screen is usually a result of accidental damage, which isn’t covered by the warranty. If you believe your Pixel screen was cracked due to a manufacturing defect, you can make your case to Google. Otherwise, you’ll need to pay for repair.
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Google Preferred Care: $29 to $129

If you purchased Google Preferred Care with your Pixel, your deductible will range between $29 and $129. You’ll get a $50 discount if you take it to a walk-in center instead of mailing it in for repair (walk-ins are serviced at UBreakIFix locations). Google Preferred Care coverage costs $89 for Pixel 3a and 3a XL phones and $129 for Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL phones.

Carrier insurance: $29 to $99

Verizon Total Mobile Protection costs $15 per month and includes unlimited Pixel cracked screen repairs for $29 each.
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T-Mobile Protection 360 costs $12 per month for Pixel 3a models and $14 per month for Pixel 3 models. The cracked screen deductible is $99. Sprint Complete costs $15 per month and has a $29 screen replacement deductible. AT&T does not sell Google Pixel phones and therefore does not offer insurance.
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Keep in mind you might get a replacement or refurbished Pixel when you make a carrier insurance claim.

Professional Google Pixel repair: $99 to $280

Professional screen replacement costs vary by model and repair shop, but in general you can expect to pay between $99 and $280 – on the low end for older Pixel models and on the high end for recent flagships. It’s a good idea to shop around to get the best deal. For example, My Broken Phone charges $159 to replace a Pixel 3a XL screen, but UBreakIFix charges $120. However, UBreakIFix charges $280 to repair a Pixel 3 XL screen, but My Broken Phone will do it for $199.
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This table compares the two services to give you an idea of how much repairs cost by model. They’re not the only options, of course, and there might be local or online repair shops that offer similar or even better rates.
Google Pixel ModelUBreakIFixMy Broken Phone
Pixel 3a$110$149
Pixel 3a XL$120$159
Pixel 3$270$179
Pixel 3 XL$280$199
Pixel 2$130$159
Pixel 2 XL$220$179
Pixel XL$150$139
Estimated repair costs retrieved 9/23/2019

DIY Google Pixel repair: $40 to $220

If you have the skills, you can repair your own Google Pixel screen with an LCD and digitizer assembly from sites like iFixit, Repairs Universe and DirectFix. Find step-by-step instructions on sites like YouTube and iFixit.
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DIY Pixel screen repair costs depend on the model and source, plus whether the screen is OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) or aftermarket. Here’s a general range of Pixel replacement screen prices by model:
Google Pixel ModelEstimated Replacement Screen Price
Pixel 3a$80 to $120
Pixel 3a XL$80 to $130
Pixel 3$75 to $130
Pixel 3 XL$75 to $170
Pixel 2$45 to $165
Pixel 2 XL$45 to $220
Pixel$40 to $120
Pixel XL$45 to $130
If you go the DIY route, be forewarned that if you make a mistake you could cause additional damage that’s expensive to fix, plus void any warranties and insurance policies. You’ll also need the right tools, though you can find toolkits for as little as $5. Some parts stores even sell Google Pixel screen replacement kits complete with the LCD/digitizer assembly and tools.

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