Locked Out of Your Google Pixel? Here’s How to Unlock It

Forgot your Google Pixel password, pattern or lock screen pin? You can use the fingerprint scanner if it’s set up. Otherwise, the only options are to reset your Pixel to factory settings or try unlocking software.

You can set a new pin after a factory reset, then restore photos, contacts and other data from a backup. Here’s how to do it.

NOTE: Some Pixel users have reported being locked out of their devices even though their pin codes are correct. This bug is primarily associated with the Pixel XL, though some Pixel 2 and Pixel 3 users have reported the same issue. So far, Google’s solution has been to perform a factory reset.

Method 1: Factory reset via Google Find My Device

The quickest and easiest way to reset your Pixel, this method works if your phone is turned on, connected to the Internet and has Location and Find My Device enabled. Google Find My Device used to allow you to reset your pin from another device, but now the only option is a factory reset.

  1. Log in to Google Find My Device from a computer, tablet or other device
  2. Make sure Google has located the correct phone
  3. Select ERASE
Your Google Pixel will be remotely erased. When the process finishes, you can set it up like a new phone, create a new pin and restore a backup.

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Method 2: Factory reset via recovery mode

This method lets you use your phone’s hardware to factory reset your Pixel.

NOTE: If you receive a “no command” message during the process, press and hold the POWER button, then tap the VOLUME UP button, then release the POWER button

  1. Power off your Pixel phone
  2. Press and hold the VOLUME DOWN and POWER buttons until the Android logo or Fastboot Mode appears on the screen
  3. Press the VOLUME buttons to hover over RECOVERY MODE, then use the POWER button to select it
  4. Use the VOLUME buttons to hover over WIPE DATA/FACTORY RESET, then press the POWER button
  5. Use the VOLUME and POWER buttons to confirm your selection
  6. Once the process finishes, select REBOOT SYSTEM NOW
Now, you can set up your phone with a new pin and restore a backup.

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Method 3: Pixel unlocking software

If you don’t have a backup and you’re worried you’ll lose valuable data and photos, you can try Pixel lock screen removal software. Some options, like iMyFone LockWiper, claim to be able to bypass your lock screen without data loss.

Be sure to vet any third-party software thoroughly before you try it. Some cost money and others could attempt to install malware on your phone. In all cases, use unlocking software at your own risk – there’s no true guarantee they won’t wipe your data, in which case you would have been better off with a simple factory reset.

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How to restore your Google Pixel after a factory reset

If you have automatic backup enabled, you can easily recover all your contacts, photos, videos and other data after you set up your Pixel and sign in to your Google account. You can also recover up to 25 MB of data per app (most apps), call history, phone settings and SMS text messages.

If you don’t have automatic backups enabled, you can use a manual backup (provided you have one). If you don’t have a manual backup, unfortunately you will not be able to recover your data. In this case, unlocking software is probably worth a shot before you wipe your Pixel.

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