Is Sprint Insurance a Good Deal? What Does It Cover?

Is it worth buying a Sprint insurance plan for your smartphone?

Should you purchase insurance from Sprint for your smartphone? It's an important consideration to make when you buy a new phone from Sprint, which offers two Total Equipment Protection insurance tiers. The following lists the features of each so you can determine whether Sprint insurance is a good buy for you.

What does Sprint insurance cover?

Sprint insurance is managed by Asurion, a third-party provider that administers insurance plans for other major carriers, which offers two tiers of coverage:
Cost: $9 to $11/month
Coverage: Loss, theft, damage, and malfunction
Replacement: Next day (in most cases)
Find Your Phone: GPS phone location
Remote Phone Locking: Yes for Android, not available for Apple devices
Backup: Automatic 1GB Backup Service
Remote Alarm: Yes
Remote Data Erase: Yes

Total Equipment Protection Plus

Cost: $13/month

Includes all Total Equipment Protection features plus:

20GB Automatic Backup Space
Built-in Antivirus (for Android, not available for Apple devices)
Phone and on-device chat tech support
Online device tutorials

Sprint insurance deductibles and additional fees

Sprint's Total Equipment Protection plans have five tiers of non-refundable deductibles, as such:

Tier 1: $50 (low-end phones like the LG G Stylo)
Tier 2 and Tier 3: $100 (mid-level and older high-end phones like the iPhone 4)
Tier 4: $150 (older high-end models like the Samsung Galaxy S4 and iPhone 5c)
Tier 5: $200 (newer high-end models like the Galaxy S6 and iPhone 6)

Claims made for lost, stolen, and damaged devices can be made via Asurion's PhoneClaim website. Claims for device malfunctions must be made at a Sprint Phone Repair Center.

The first two claims made under either Total Equipment Protection plan do not incur additional fees; however, any additional claims made within a 12-month period are subject to a $25 service fee.

Is Sprint insurance a good deal?

It all comes down to your own level of risk. If you purchase a new iPhone and have one claim over a two-year period, your total fee for insurance plus deductible will come to $512 – close, but not quite enough to buy a brand-new model. If you have no claims, you'll pay $312 for little more than peace-of-mind.

Additional features such as phone locking, antivirus software, and remote location are available via myriad free apps. Such features are not unique to Sprint insurance, so they're probably not worth paying extra for. Most people know how to work their phones, so tech support might not be a major selling point for you. In addition, manufacturers like Apple and Samsung offer one-year warranties against malfunction out-of-the-box.

If you're prone to frequent phone mishaps like damage and loss, Sprint insurance might be a good buy. However, if you tend to take good care of your phones, have never lost a device, and can afford to purchase a new phone at full price, insurance might be a waste of money.

And remember, if you don't have insurance and you break a device, you can still recoup some of the loss by selling it to Flipsy vendors – many of which will even buy broken iPhones and high-end Android devices.



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