Is Sprint Insurance a Good Deal? What Does It Cover?

Is Sprint insurance worth it? Here, we detail how much Sprint insurance costs, what it covers, what it doesn’t cover and how it compares to other options to help you decide whether to pay for Sprint insurance.

What does Sprint insurance cover and how much does it cost?

Sprint offers just one insurance option: Sprint Complete. Pricing depends on device tier and ranges from $9 to $19.  

Sprint Complete pricing

TIER 5 iPhone 11, iPhone XS, iPhone X, LG V50 ThinQ, Galaxy Note 9, Galaxy S10+ $19
TIERS 2 – 4 iPhone XR, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 6S, iPhone 7, iPhone 7, LG V30+, LG V40, Galaxy Note 8, Galaxy S8+, Galaxy S9+, HTC One M10, Galaxy S7, iPhone SE, Google Pixel 3a, Motorola Z3 Play, Galaxy A6 $15
TIER 1 Motorola E4, LG K30, LG Stylo 4, Samsung Grand Prime, Samsung J3 Achieve, Samsung J7 Refine $9
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Sprint Complete coverage

Sprint Complete covers defects after the standard warranty expires, accidental damage and theft and loss. All screen repairs cost $29, and other repairs range between $25 and $140. Theft and loss replacement fees range from $50 to $275. AppleCare is packaged in the plan for eligible iPhones and offers coverage through Apple for the first two years (or two claims). All other claims are handled by Asurion.

Additional benefits include unlimited cloud storage for photos and videos, online password management tools, next-day device replacement and unlimited access to a tech expert.

Here’s a breakdown, including deductibles by phone tier.

COVERS Malfunctions, accidental damage, loss & theft   One of each: standard battery, charger & SIM card
DOES NOT COVER Intentional damage, customer negligence, acts of God, cosmetic damage that does not affect device function, altered phones, unauthorized repairs, normal wear & tear, other accessories
ACCIDENTAL DAMAGE DEDUCTIBLE Cracked screen repair (all phones): $29   iPhones with AppleCare: $99 (first 2 years/2 claims)   Other smartphones Tier 5: $140 Tier 4: $140 Tier 3: $115 Tier 2: $65 Tier 1: $25
LOSS OR THEFT DEDUCTIBLE iPhones with AppleCare: $199 – $269 (first 2 years/2 claims)   Other smartphones Tier 5: $275 Tier 4: $275 Tier 3: $225 Tier 2: $125 Tier 1: $50
CLAIM LIMITS 3 within 12 months
ADDITIONAL SERVICES Unlimited cloud storage for photos and videos Password protection tools Next-day replacement Unlimited access to a tech expert AppleCare (iPhones only) for 2 years

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Is Sprint insurance worth it?

Sprint insurance might be a good idea if you’re worried about breaking or losing your phone. It’s convenient, since you can sign up when you buy a new phone from Sprint. Still, it’s not the most economical option – especially if you don’t need additional benefits like cloud storage or tech experts. For example, AppleCare+ with Theft & Loss costs $207 less (though it’s only good for two years).

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Here’s how Sprint Complete stacks up to other options, based on fees for an iPhone 11 128GB.
PLAN PREMIUM (over 24 months) COST PER CLAIM (Deductible)
Sprint Complete $456 Screen damage: $29 Other damage: $99 ($140 after 2 years) Loss or theft: $229 ($275 after 2 years)
AppleCare+ with Theft & Loss $249 (if paid upfront) Screen damage: $29 Other damage: $99 Theft or loss: $229
SquareTrade $215.76 ($8.99/month) $149   Does not cover theft or loss
Worth Ave. Group $155 $50
No Insurance $0 Screen damage repair service (Apple): $199 Other damage repair service (Apple): $399 Replacement cost (new): $699 Replacement cost after selling broken phone: $564 (based on iPhone 11 128GB Sprint in broken condition, valued at $135)

Of course, it’s up to you to evaluate risk factors such as how likely you are to break your phone or the chances it will be lost or stolen. Compare Sprint Complete to other options so you can make the best decision about insurance coverage for your phone.

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