Google Pixel Battery Replacement: DIY or Hire It Out?

Google Pixel battery not charging? We compared Google Pixel battery replacement options and costs so you can decide whether to fix it yourself or pay a battery replacement service. NOTE: Google will replace a faulty battery for free if your Pixel is still within its standard 12-month warranty period.

Should you replace your own Google Pixel battery?

All Google Pixel models have integrated batteries. They do not have quick access battery compartments, so replacing your own Google Pixel battery can be moderately difficult – especially for novices with little or no experience with phone disassembly. If you decide to replace the battery yourself, you’ll generally need to:
  • Discharge the battery to below 25% to prevent fires and explosions
  • Use a pick and suction cup to separate the display from the frame (you might need to heat the glass to soften the adhesive)
  • Disconnect various cables and screws
  • Swap the batteries and reassemble your Pixel
The process is similar for all Pixel models and can take one to two hours. This video demonstrates how to replace the battery in a Google Pixel 2:

This video shows an alternative method for accessing a Pixel 3 battery – instead of heating the glass, you can use a plastic card to cut the adhesive along the seams:

If you’re comfortable with the repair, you can replace your Pixel battery in about an hour. Find Pixel battery replacement guides on iFixit or YouTube.
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Not comfortable doing it yourself? Other options include local repair stores, online mail-in repair services and on-site repair. WARNING: DIY battery replacement can void your warranty and insurance policy. It also risks additional damage that could cost more than pro repair shops. Avoid poorly constructed aftermarket batteries that could leak acid, catch fire or explode.

How much does professional Google Pixel battery replacement cost?

Here’s how much you can expect to pay professional repair shops to replace a Google Pixel battery. Scroll down for DIY pricing.
Thinking about starting a phone repair business?  Here’s everything you need to know
UBreakIFix$70 to $80
My Broken Phone$59
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How much do Google Pixel replacement batteries cost?

Here’s how much you can expect to pay for a Google Pixel replacement battery. Be sure to buy from a reputable company that sells quality parts.
AmazonCareon Sino Techbaum Newdery Maxbear DDong BoxWave Aukey Swark Iconic More$15 to $25Many batteries come with toolkits for DIY repair
Repairs UniverseGeneric$10 to $14Does not currently have batteries for recent models
iFixitGeneric$25 to $30Optionally order complete Google Pixel battery replacement kits for a few dollars more
FixEZGeneric$9 to $12Does not currently have batteries for recent models
If you’re budget-minded and comfortable digging into small electronics, DIY repair is the most affordable option. Otherwise, your best bet is to pay a professional phone repair service to replace your Google Pixel battery.

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