3 Simple Ways to Tell What Samsung Galaxy You Have

Not sure what model your Samsung Galaxy is? Here's how to find out!

Need to find out which Samsung Galaxy model you have? Here are three easy ways to tell.

1. What's My Phone Worth? App

Flipsy's free What's My Phone Worth? app instantly recognizes your phone model. Simply install the lightweight, ad-free app on your Samsung Galaxy, and it will scan your device to tell you:

  • What model it is
  • How much it’s worth on the private market
  • How much buyback and trade-in companies will pay for it

Get the app here.

2. Check under the battery

Samsung prints Galaxy model numbers on identification labels placed in the battery compartment. To find yours, power off your phone and remove the back case. Lift the battery out, and you should see the sticker with your phone's model number.

3. Settings menu

On Android devices, you can visit SETTINGS > ABOUT PHONE to see what model Galaxy you have.



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