4 Simple Ways to Tell What Samsung Galaxy Phone You Have

Need to find out which Samsung phone you have? Here are four easy ways to tell.

Method 1: Via the settings menu

On your Samsung phone, browse to SETTINGS > ABOUT PHONE to view your:

  • Model name
  • Model number
  • Serial number
  • IMEI number
  • Hardware version

To view your carrier, browse to SETTINGS > ABOUT PHONE > STATUS INFORMATION > SIM CARD STATUS. It will display information like:

  • Network (Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, etc.)
  • Voice and data network types (5G, LTE, etc.)
  • Signal strength

To view your storage capacity, browse to SETTINGS > BATTERY AND DEVICE CARE > STORAGE. It will display:

  • Total capacity
  • How much storage you have left

If you want to know your Android version and other information, browse to SETTINGS > ABOUT PHONE > SOFTWARE INFORMATION.

The process can vary slightly between Samsung models. If you can’t find the information you need, browse to SETTINGS and search for terms like “about phone,” “storage,” and “carrier,” for example.

Here’s a video overview of how to find your Samsung phone’s model number via the settings menu:

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Method 2: Check the rear case

Samsung prints the model number on the back of their phones. Here’s where to find it:

Of course, this won’t tell you the name of your phone. If your phone won’t power on and you can’t use the settings menu, try Method 3 or 4 and reference the table toward the end of this article.

If you have an older model with a removable battery, you can find identification labels placed in the battery compartment.

To find yours, power off your phone and remove the back case. Lift the battery out, and you should see the sticker with your phone’s model number.

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Method 3: Via your Samsung or carrier account

If you registered your phone on your Samsung account, you can log in and click My Products to view its:

  • Model name
  • Model number
  • Capacity
  • Carrier
  • IMEI number

You can also find identifying information on your carrier account page. For example, on Verizon, you can click Manage Device to view its model name, capacity and IMEI number.

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Method 4: Original receipt and packaging

A final way to identify your Samsung phone is to check the original receipt and packaging, which typically include the model name and number. Here are some example model numbers for popular and recent Samsung phones. If yours isn’t listed, try searching for it on a resource like GSM Arena or Wikipedia, which maintains a list of all Samsung phone model numbers to-date.

SM-F926BGalaxy Z Fold 32021
SM-F711BGalaxy Z Flip 32021
SM-G991Galaxy S212021
SM-G996Galaxy S21+2021
SM-G998Galaxy S21 Ultra2021
SM-G780Galaxy S20 FE (LTE)2020
SM-G781Galaxy S20 FE (5G)2020
SM-N980Galaxy Note 20 (LTE)2020
SM-N981Galaxy Note 20 (5G)2020
SM-N985Galaxy Note 20 Ultra (LTE)2020
SM-N986Galaxy Note 20 Ultra (5G)2020
SM-F916BGalaxy Z Fold 2 5G2020
SM-F707Galaxy Z Flip 5G2020
SM-G980Galaxy S20 (LTE)2020
SM-G981Galaxy S20 (5G)2020
SM-G985Galaxy S20+ (LTE)2020
SM-G986Galaxy S20+ (5G)2020
SM-G988Galaxy S20 Ultra2020
SM-F700Galaxy Z Flip2020
SM-N770FGalaxy Note 10 Lite2020
SM-G770FGalaxy S10 Lite2020
SM-F900Galaxy Fold (LTE)2019
SM-F907Galaxy Fold (5G)2019
SM-N970Galaxy Note 10 (LTE)2019
SM-N971Galaxy Note 10 (5G)2019
SM-975FGalaxy Note 10+ (LTE)2019
SM-N976Galaxy Note 10+ (5G)2019
SM-G977Galaxy S10 (5G)2019
SM-G975Galaxy S10+2019
SM-G973Galaxy S102019
SM-G970Galaxy S10e2019
SM-N960Galaxy Note 92018
SM-G960Galaxy S92018
SM-G965Galaxy S9+2018
SM-N950Galaxy Note 82017
SM-G950Galaxy S82017
SM-G955Galaxy S8+2017

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