Meet BingBongTec: Our Newest Trust Verified Store!

BingBongTec has been named a Flipsy Trust Verified Store. Find out why BingBongTec is one of the best places to sell your used phones and tablets!

We’re excited to add BingBongTec to the list of Trust Verified Stores we search to find the highest payouts for your used phones, tablets and other devices.

Each Flipsy Trust Verified Store is thoroughly vetted to ensure it’s a safe and reliable place to sell iPhones and other used devices. BingBongTec has everything we look for in a Trust Verified Store, including:

  • Excellent reviews from independent sources
  • Quick response to questions (within one business day or less)
  • Fast payment issued within one to three days of receiving your devices

BingBongTec buys iPhones and Android phones made by Samsung, Google and LG. They also buy iPads and Microsoft, Sony and Samsung tablets.

You can trust Flipsy.  Find out why

BingBongTec offers high payouts and even pays well for broken phones, so adding them to Flipsy helps fulfill our mission to get you the most money for used devices no matter what condition they’re in.

Did you know? Many phones are worth $100+. Find the value of your phone.


Here are some additional details about BingBongTec:

  • Payouts are submitted via your choice of PayPal, paper check or electronic check
  • PayPal and electronic checks are delivered immediately once payment is issued
  • Paper checks arrive within three to five business days
  • You do not need to send accessories, just your device

Now, BingBongTec is included in the instant price comparisons on Flipsy, where Trust Verified Stores compete to pay top dollar for your used devices.

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