Where to Get Phone Parts & Repair Kits

Starting your own phone repair business or just want to fix your own phones at home? You’ll need a reliable supply of phone parts and a repair toolkit. Here’s where to get phone parts and tools.

Where to get phone replacement parts

Many websites sell phone repair parts, but pricing can vary significantly from seller to seller. In addition to prices, it’s important to consider quality, warranties and shipping speed before you select a supplier.

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The table below compares top supplier pricing for a replacement iPhone X screen (LCD/OLED & digitizer assembly). Keep in mind these are publicly displayed prices; some suppliers offer wholesale accounts with discount pricing and extended warranties for business customers.

Witrigs $71 – $252 180 days 7 – 40 days
iFixit $150 Lifetime 1 – 5 days
Repairs Universe $50 – $65 30 days 2 – 8 days
Phone Parts USA $35 – $130 60 days 1 – 10 days
ETrade Supply $45 – $189 180 days 1 – 7 days
Injured Gadgets $42 – $166 Lifetime 1 – 5 days
Mobile Sentrix $39 – $128 Lifetime 1 – 5 days
Mobile Defenders $115 – $155 Lifetime 1 – 5 days
FizEZ $40 – $128 Lifetime 1 – 7 days
Mengtor $40 – $114 90 days 1 – 7 days

Note that some suppliers sell parts in different quality grades. For example, you can get a “basic” LCD iPhone X replacement screen on Witrigs for $71, but its premium OLED version costs $252. Shipping costs depend on which option you select, but it’s worth mentioning that some suppliers offer free shipping at certain price points.

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In addition, some suppliers have better prices for different types of parts: one store might not have the best prices on screens, for instance, but it might have the cheapest replacement batteries. It’s a good idea to shop around for the specific part you need.

These aren’t the only places to buy phone repair parts online, either. If you can’t find what you need, search Google for your specific part. You can also check out Amazon or eBay.

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Where to get phone repair toolkits

Some suppliers offer add-on toolkits when you purchase parts, but if you’re starting a phone repair shop or you want to keep tools on hand, you should purchase a quality repair toolkit. You can find phone repair toolkits on the following sites:


From the $275 Repair Business Toolkit to the $25 Electronic Essentials Toolkit, iFixit has good selection for pros and hobbyists alike.


You’ll find simple repair kits for less than $5, plus intermediate and pro toolkits at a variety of price points.


Witrigs offers simple screwdriver kits for around $6 and more advanced kits ranging from $15 to $25. They also have an electric screwdriver pen for $30.

Injured Gadgets

Injured Gadgets carriers everything from $2 iPhone opening kits to $200 50-piece precision driver sets.

In addition to these resources, you can find individual tools from just about any site that sells repair parts.

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