T-Mobile Phone with IMEI Blocked? Here’s What You Can Do

Frustrated by a blocked IMEI on your T-Mobile phone? Here’s why your IMEI is blocked and how to sell a blacklisted T-Mobile phone.

Why is my T-Mobile IMEI blocked?

Potential reasons include reported loss or theft, unpaid balances and, rarely, mistakes. If you’re not sure why your IMEI is blocked, you can contact T-Mobile support to find out.

If you’re not sure if your IMEI is blocked, check it on a blacklist database like CTIA’s Stolen Phone Checker, IMEI Pro or Doctor SIM. You can find your IMEI number in your phone’s settings menu.

Did You Know? You can unlock or sell a blacklisted phone

How to sell a T-Mobile phone with a blocked IMEI

You might be able to legally sell your blacklisted T-Mobile phone. Here are some options.

Sell it on Flipsy

Flipsy instantly compares cash offers from Trust Verified Stores, including some that will buy locked and blacklisted phones. Browse for your phone on Flipsy, then find “Locked or Blacklisted?” and click “See Offers” to see how much they’ll pay for your blacklisted T-Mobile phone.

Did you know? Many phones are worth $100+. Find the value of your phone.


Ask T-Mobile to unblock your IMEI

Pay off any past due balances, then ask T-Mobile to reinstate your IMEI. If it’s blocked because it was reported lost or stolen, and you later recovered it, T-Mobile should be able to remove the block. In the unlikely event it was blocked in error, T-Mobile can help you resolve the issue. Once it’s unblocked, you can sell your phone. Or, you can simply continue using it.

Pay an IMEI unblocking service

Some companies claim to be able to unblock blacklisted IMEIs. If successful, you can sell your phone. Do your homework if you decide to give this a shot: some might be unscrupulous, engage in illegal practices or swindle you out of your money. Others can unlock your phone, but they can’t remove it from IMEI blacklists. Even reputable services could have trouble reinstating your T-Mobile phone’s IMEI. Two companies that offer IMEI unblocking are IMEI Authority and Cell Unlocker.

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Switch networks (unlikely to work)

T-Mobile operates on a GSM network, which means you can use your phone with other GSM carriers like AT&T (but not Verizon or Sprint, which operate on CDMA networks). You could try swapping out your SIM card, but it probably won’t work. That’s because carriers share the blacklist database, and they won’t activate blacklisted phones on their networks. It’s best to unblock your IMEI before you switch carriers.

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Sell your T-Mobile phone for repair parts

Finally, you can sell your phone for parts if you can find a buyer. For example, local repair shops might buy your phone. Search for them on Google. Be upfront about the state of your phone so they know it’s only good for parts.

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