What Model Motorola Phone Do You Have?

How to identify your Motorola phone model

Need to identify your Motorola phone so you can get the right phone case, screen protector, parts or repairs? Here’s how to find the make, model, version and carrier of your Motorola smartphone (with video).

1. Browse to SETTINGS > ABOUT PHONE or SETTINGS > SYSTEM > ABOUT PHONE 2. Your phone will display the text-based “model number” and Android version (Motorola is the make of your phone)
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From this screen you can:
  • Tap REGULATORY INFORMATION to view the specific model number
  • Tap MODEL & HARDWARE or HARDWARE to view your serial number and model number
  • Tap STATUS > IMEI INFORMATION to view your IMEI number
  • Tap STATUS > SIM STATUS to view your carrier network
Note that options and terminology can vary slightly between models. Here’s how to find your model number on a Motorola smartphone:
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Here are some examples of what you’ll see:
  • Model number (text-based): Moto G Play
  • Specific model number: XT1607
  • Android version: 6.0.1
  • Network: Verizon Wireless

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Older Motorola phones have removable batteries, and some list the model number on a label located under the battery. To access it, turn off your phone, remove the back cover, then remove the battery. If there is no model number but you see an ESN or IMEI, you can copy it and contact Motorola directly to find out which model phone it corresponds to.

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