Locked Out of Your Samsung Galaxy? Here’s How to Unlock It

Forgot your Samsung Galaxy password, pattern or pin? Accidentally enter the wrong passcode too many times? Here are four ways to unlock your Samsung Galaxy.

Method 1: Unlock your Galaxy with Samsung Find My Mobile

This is the probably the best way to get back into your Samsung Galaxy, provided you previously registered your device with Samsung Find My Mobile.

  1. Go to Samsung Find My Mobile from a computer, tablet or another phone
  2. Select UNLOCK
  3. Set a new password or pin

Samsung Find My Mobile also disables biometric scanners, so once you set your new password you can use it to unlock your Galaxy phone.

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Method 2: Google Find My Device factory reset

Google Find My Device (formerly Android Device Manager) once allowed you to reset your code remotely. Unfortunately, that’s no longer an option – but you can still factory reset your phone, which is a quick and easy way to unlock your Samsung Galaxy. In order to work, Location and Find My Device must be enabled, and your phone must be turned on and online.

  1. Go to Google Find My Device from a computer, tablet or another phone
  2. Make sure the right phone is selected, then choose ERASE

Google will erase your Galaxy; when it’s done, you can set it up like new, create a password and restore a backup (more on that below).

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Method 3: Recovery mode factory reset

If Google Find My Device isn’t an option, you can still reset your Samsung Galaxy via recovery mode.

  1. Power off your Galaxy
  2. Enter recovery mode
  • On newer models like the Galaxy S8, S9 and S10: Press and hold the VOLUME UP and BIXBY buttons, then press the POWER button
  • On older models like the Galaxy S5, S6 and S7: Press and hold the VOLUME UP and HOME buttons, then press the POWER button
  1. Use the VOLUME buttons to select WIPE DATA/FACTORY RESET, then press the POWER button
  2. Select YES – DELETE ALL USER DATA, then press the POWER button

You Galaxy will reset to factory settings. When complete, set it up like new and restore a backup (more on that below).

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Method 4: Samsung Galaxy unlocking software

If you don’t have a backup and you’re worried about losing files, photos and other data, you can try unlocking software. Such programs typically cost money and there’s no guarantee they’ll be able to unlock your phone, but it’s worth a try if you don’t have any other options.

Be sure to thoroughly vet unlocking software, especially free programs, to make sure they’re legitimate. The last thing you need is malware installed on your device. Two options include iMyFone and Dr. Fone. You can also search Google for “Samsung Galaxy unlock software” and “Android unlock software.”

How to restore your Samsung Galaxy after a factory reset

If you have automatic backup enabled, set up your Galaxy like new. Then, sign in to your Google account to easily recover your contacts, photos, videos and other data. You can also recover up to 25MB of data per app (most apps), call history, phone settings and SMS messages.

Alternatively, you can restore your phone via Samsung Cloud, provided it’s enabled. Otherwise, you will not be able to recover your data so unlocking software might be worth a shot.

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