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17 Places to Sell Gift Cards

Cash in your unwanted gift cards so you can buy what you really want with this comprehensive list of places to sell gift cards

If you have a stack of unwanted gift cards, you’re not alone; in fact, $1 billion USD in gift card value is left unspent every year. You can get a share of that unclaimed value with our ultimate list of places to sell gift cards.
Card Kangaroo
Card Kangaroo buys gift cards directly and promises to pay up to 92% of their current values. You can sell a wide variety of gift cards to Card Kangaroo, from Amazon and Bass Pro to Family Dollar and Zappos, and dozens more. If your gift card isn’t listed, you can email Card Kangaroo for a custom quote.
Monster Gift Card
Monster Gift Card buys gift cards valued between $10 and $200, but you can request a custom quote if you have a gift card valued at more than $200. MGC accepts gift cards from a wide variety of merchants, and offers custom quotes if your gift card merchant is not listed.
CardCash buys gift cards from more than 1,000 merchants. You have the option to sell for cash or to trade for another gift card (which typically adds more value to your offer). You can simply enter codes for some merchant gift cards, which eliminates the need to mail in physical gift cards and speeds payment time.
SaveYA lets you either sell your gift cards directly to them or list gift cards for sale in its marketplace. Both options are not always available, and if you have to list your gift card for sale there is no guarantee it will sell. Marketplace listings incur seller fees of up to 14%. If you have plastic gift cards, an additional commission of the greater of $1 or 1% will be added.

For listings, a “smart pricing” feature promises to set a price at which gift cards will sell quickly and for the most money. First time sellers are put on a probation period for 60 days and can only request check payment.
GC Spread
GC Spread is different from other buyers in that you send them an offer for your gift card. They’ll respond within 2 to 3 days. If they accept your offer, you can either send them your gift card code or mail your physical gift card to their Chicago location.

GC Spread accepts electronic, plastic, and even paper gift cards as well as gift cards with expiration dates (as long as they expire at least 6 months in the future). You do have to upload your ID and credit card details, which may be a turn-off for some sellers.
Check Into Cash
Best-known for its payday loan services, Check Into Cash also buys gift cards from hundreds of brands, including Walmart, Target, Starbucks, and more. There is no online selling option, so you’ll have to visit a Check Into Cash location; however, payouts are instant and in cash. You must have a valid ID and gift cards must be valued at over $20 to be eligible.
If you’re stocking up on Bitcoin, Paxful might be the place to sell your gift cards. The company pays for gift cards in the popular e-currency (there are no cash or credit options). To trade gift cards for bitcoins, start by entering the dollar value and brand of your gift card.

Then, compare vendor bitcoin offers, which show how much each vendor is willing to pay on the dollar for your gift cards (for example, $0.85 on the dollar).

If you find an offer you like, click “buy” to initiate a trade and have bitcoins placed in escrow. Follow the instructions (which typically mean uploading photos of the gift card and a cash receipt), and bitcoins will be released from escrow into your Paxful bitcoin wallet.
EJ Gift Cards
EJ Gift Cards’ site is sparse on details. It states the company accepts many national retailer and restaurant gift card brands; and, if your card isn’t listed, you can contact them for a custom quote. Both physical and electronic gift cards are accepted.
You don’t sell gift cards to Raise; instead, you list them for sale directly to end users. You can sell both physical and electronic gift cards, and Raise converts most physical gift cards into electronic gift cards so you do not have to worry about shipping fees or payment delays.

You set the selling price. However, there is no guarantee of sale; and, if your gift cards sell, Raise takes a 12% commission. If you do have to ship your physical gift cards, Raise takes an additional fee: the greater of $1 or 1% of the value of the card for shipping.
GiftCardBin purchases gift cards online or at any of their 400+ merchant locations. Once you accept an online offer, you will be sent an email with shipping instructions. One unique feature: if you don’t like the instant price quote, you can click the “not happy with price?” link and name your own price. GiftCardBin will respond by either accepting your price or presenting a counter offer. You’re limited to selling up to $300 in gift cards every 30 days to GiftCardBin.
ABC Gift Cards
The ABC Gift Cards interface is nearly identical to CardCash, and their payout policies are the same; however, ABC Gift Cards promises to pay up to 97% of gift card value versus CardCash’s 92%. Like CardCash, you have the option to either sell for cash or to trade for another gift card, which can add more value to your offer. According to their Better Business Bureau profile, CardCash and ABC Gift Cards are owned by the same company.
BuyBack World
Enter your gift cards and their values, and BuyBack World will give you an instant offer. If you accept, you can print a prepaid shipping label and send your gift cards in. Payouts are initiated within 3 days of receiving your gift cards. Delivery times depend on the payout method you select.
You can sell your gift cards directly to end users on the popular auction site, but keep in mind you’ll incur a 10% final fee on sold listings. Shipping depends on the terms you set in your listing, and you can provide a “buy it now” price to encourage a fast sale. The most interesting aspect of selling gift cards on eBay is that it’s possible to sell them for more than face value.

Why would someone pay more for a gift card than it’s worth? Explanations include converting unwanted eBay credits to gift cards for other stores as well as participating in rebate programs. However, it’s also very possible to get scammed. For example, the buyer could claim the gift card was empty and request a refund after spending the gift card.
Online classifieds listings
You can sell gift cards directly to buyers with no moderation via classifieds listings sites. You have the potential to earn high payouts (especially with zero commission fees), but you also must be careful to avoid getting scammed. Shipping, payout methods, and other details are left to buyers and sellers to figure out with each individual transaction.

Here are some online classified listing sites you can consider:

With so many gift card selling options, it’s important to compare payouts and policies before you sell. Doing so can help you avoid bad deals and scams, and help ensure you get the best possible deal for your gift cards.

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