Buyback Boss – A Trustworthy Option for Selling Your iPhone

Is it safe to sell your phone to Buyback Boss? Do you have questions about which buyback companies are safe and reputable? Flipsy has the answers!

So, you want sell your old phone and you've found an attractive offer from Buyback Boss. Now you're wondering: is Buyback Boss safe? There's no shortage of buyback companies competing for your business. How will you decide which company will make your selling experience quick, profitable and safe? Flipsy helps to ease your worries by ensuring it's vendors meet and/or exceed Flipsy standards and policies.

Is Buyback Boss safe?

Buyback Boss is a Flipsy Trust Verified buyer, a designation only given to companies that feature:
  • Recent, good feedback on multiple review sites
  • Quick response to questions (within one business day)
  • Fast payment (sent within one day of receiving your item)

In addition, Buyback Boss has an "A" rating from the Better Business Bureau. The BBB reports zero complaints, and clearly states the only reason Buyback Boss doesn't have an "A+" rating is that the company is relatively young.

Thus, Buyback Boss can be considered safe and a company that stands behind it's offers and policies.

Proactively protect your data

Even though Buyback Boss will factory reset your iPhone, it's best to be proactive and perform a factory reset yourself since your device will be resold.

iPhones incorporate robust data encryption, so your phone will be safe to sell after you perform a reset; however, there are additional measures you can take to ensure your data is completely wiped from your iPhone, your accounts are disconnected, and your credit card information is not stored in Safari.

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