What’s an Apple Watch worth? Prices and trade in values

How much is an Apple Watch worth? What’s the Apple Watch trade in value? Exact Apple Watch price depends on model, size and condition. Here are some recent sales prices to give you a general idea of how much an Apple Watch is worth.

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Apple Watch “Buy” Prices (What you can expect to pay as of 02/20/2024)

Buying an Apple Watch? This table compares how much you can expect to pay for a used Apple Watch in “good” condition.

Current Price @ Amazon
Current Price @ eBay
Current Price @ Decluttr
Series 8
Aluminum Cellular 45mm$444$269N/A
Aluminum GPS 45mmN/A$261N/A
Steel Cellular 45mmN/A$454N/A
Series 7
Aluminum Cellular 45mm$359$248$220
Aluminum GPS 45mm$429$315$215
Steel Cellular 45mm$554$300$285
Series 6
Aluminum Cellular 44mm$210$216$190
Aluminum GPS 44mm$189$111N/A
Steel Cellular 44mm$240$125N/A
Series 5
Aluminum Cellular 44mm$174N/A$140
Aluminum GPS 44mm$167$129$135
Edition Cellular 44mmN/A$666N/A
Hermes Cellular 44mmN/A$301N/A
Nike GPS 44mmN/AN/AN/A
Steel Cellular 44mm$170$133N/A
Series 4
Aluminum Cellular 44mm$149N/AN/A
Aluminum GPS 40mm$149$87N/A
Hermes Cellular 44mmN/A$239N/A
Nike GPS 44mmN/A$126$125
Steel Cellular 40mm$169$167N/A
Series 3
Nike Cellular 42mm$245$94N/A
Nike GPS 38mmN/A$89N/A
Aluminum Sport Cellular 42mmN/A$65N/A
Aluminum Sport GPS 38mmN/A$96N/A
Steel Cellular 42mmN/A$140N/A
Series 2
Nike 42mmN/A$71N/A
Aluminum Sport 38mmN/A$69N/A
Steel 42mmN/A$75N/A
Series 1
Aluminum Sport 38mmN/A$86N/A
Aluminum Sport 42mmN/A$59N/A
1st Generation
Hermes Steel 42mmN/AN/AN/A
Aluminum Sport 38mmN/A$53N/A
Steel 42mmN/A$61N/A

Apple Watch “Sell” Prices (What you can expect to sell for as of 02/20/2024)

Selling an Apple Watch? This table displays the price you can expect to get for a used Apple Watch in “good” condition.
ModelOnline Buyback StoresBrick-and-Mortar Stores (Best Buy)Online Marketplaces (eBay, after fees)
Series 8
Aluminum Cellular 45mm$160$175$233
Aluminum GPS 45mm$160$235$226
Steel Cellular 45mm$160$175$394
Series 7
Aluminum Cellular 45mm$126$120$214
Aluminum GPS 45mm$126$135$273
Steel Cellular 45mm$126$120$260
Series 6
Aluminum Cellular 44mm$117$70$187
Aluminum GPS 44mm$98$110$96
Steel Cellular 44mm$117$70$108
Series 5
Aluminum Cellular 44mm$117$60N/A
Aluminum GPS 44mm$117$90$112
Edition Cellular 44mm$117N/A$578
Hermes Cellular 44mm$117N/A$261
Nike GPS 44mm$117$90N/A
Steel Cellular 44mm$117$60$115
Series 4
Aluminum Cellular 44mm$60$30N/A
Aluminum GPS 40mm$41$30$75
Hermes Cellular 44mm$69N/A$207
Nike GPS 44mm$60$30$109
Steel Cellular 40mm$59$30$145
Series 3
Nike Cellular 42mm$46$20$82
Nike GPS 38mm$36$20$77
Aluminum Sport Cellular 42mm$46$20$56
Aluminum Sport GPS 38mm$36$20$83
Steel Cellular 42mm$46$20$122
Series 2
Nike 42mm$36N/A$61
Aluminum Sport 38mm$27$5$60
Steel 42mm$36$5$64
Series 1
Aluminum Sport 38mm$17N/A$74
Aluminum Sport 42mmN/AN/A$51
1st Generation
Hermes Steel 42mmN/AN/AN/A
Aluminum Sport 38mmN/AN/A$46
Steel 42mmN/AN/A$53
* Prices for Apple Watches on the Verizon network, where applicable, space gray, in “good” condition.

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Apple Watch to Sell? Find Trade In & Cash Value ›

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