Cashing in on your old console? Include these or lose 66% in value

If you want to sell your old PlayStation, Xbox or Nintendo, it pays to include controllers, power cords and A/V cables. That’s because gaming console buyback stores pay an average of 66% less if you don’t have those components – and the difference can add up to $100 or more.

For example, Decluttr will pay $91 for a 500GB PS4 in “good” condition, which means it comes complete with a controller, working power supply and AV/HDMI cable. If any of those components are missing, the store will only pay $54 – a 41% decrease.

Similarly, BuyBackWorld will pay up to $130 for a 1TB PS4 Pro, but if you don’t have at least one working controller, you’ll only get $100. If you’re missing the power cord (or have an aftermarket version), they’ll only pay $24 – an 82% decrease that amounts to $106 less than the complete console offer.

Some stores adjust their offers depending on which components you have. For example, if you’re selling a 1TB Xbox One S, Target will pay $83 if you have the controller, A/V cable and power cord. If you’re missing any one of those components, the offer decreases by 15 to 25%. If you’re missing two components, it decreases by 32 to 36%. Missing all three? The offer decreases by 49%.

Best Buy will pay $70 for a 500GB PS4 Slim, but that offer is reduced to $42 if you don’t have a controller. If you’re missing the power cord, the store won’t buy your console.

GameStop likewise requires complete consoles: if you’re missing any essential component, they won’t buy it.

One option is to purchase missing components so you can sell your console at full value, but that can prove a fool’s errand. For example, GameStop will pay $80 cash for a complete 500GB PS4, but if you’re missing the controller, you’ll need to pay $60 for a new one to get that price – leaving a net of just $20. You could always buy a used controller on eBay (the going price is around $30), which would net $50, but that’s still $30 less than the complete console offer.

In some cases, buying components to complete your console can result in a loss. For example, GameStop will pay $60 for a complete 500GB Xbox One. If you’re missing the AC adapter, however, you’ll need to spend $50 – a net of $10. Missing the controller? That will run you $40. If you’re missing both components, you could spend $90 just to sell for $60.

That underscores the importance of knowing what you need to include when you sell your gaming console. To get full price, most buyback stores require:

  • At least one working controller
  • OEM power cords/AC adapters
  • AV/HDMI cables

Do your research to get the most money for your used gaming console. Know which components you need to get full price, then compare offers from multiple stores to see who offers the highest payouts.

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