The Surprising Value of Older Gaming Consoles

Gaming consoles released in 2013 – the same year that gave us Sharknado‘s cult following and GTA V’s $800 million debut – are still worth up to $100 or more seven years later. That’s great news if you’re among the legions of gamers seeking to sell their old PS4s, Xboxes and Nintendos to help offset the cost of the PS5 (or put some extra holiday cash in their pockets). Here’s how much some old gaming systems are worth.

Current buyback & eBay values for older consoles

PS4 Pro (2016)$140 – $153$164 – $192
PS4 Slim (2016)$90 – $100$147 – $159
PS4 (2013)$91 – $100$123 – $143
PS3 (2006)$10 – $55$50 – $103
Xbox One X (2017)$135$177
Xbox One S (2016)$80 – $118$137 – $153
Xbox One (2013)$65 – $70$114 – $123
Nintendo 2DS XL (2017)$45$90
Nintendo Switch (2017)$143$195
Nintendo New 3DS (2015)$55$102
Nintendo New 3DS XL (2015)$65$110
Nintendo 3DS XL (2012)$45$83
Nintendo Wii U (2012)$35$94
Nintendo 3DS (2011)$40$74
* Prices retrieved 11/6/2020. Values for lowest and highest capacity consoles in “good” condition. eBay average recently sold values, less standard eBay & PayPal fees

Want to find the value of even older video gaming consoles? Check out this article to see how much an old Super Nintendo, NES, GameCube, N64, Sega Genesis, Dreamcast or Atari is worth.

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