A Very “Apple-y” Christmas: Will iPhone Holiday Sales Shatter Records?

iPhone sales could reach record heights this Christmas, as Apple expects to sell between 75 and 80 million iPhones during the 2020 holiday season. The current holiday sales record is 78.3 million, set in 2016. Here’s how many iPhones Apple has sold during previous holiday seasons.

  • 2019: 72.9 million
  • 2018: 62 million
  • 2017: 77.3 million
  • 2016: 78.3 million
  • 2015: 74.7 million
  • 2014: 74.4 million
  • 2013: 51 million
  • 2012: 47.8 million
  • 2011: 37 million
  • 2010: 16.24 million
  • 2009: 8.7 million
  • 2008: 4.4 million
  • 2007: 2.3 million

The anticipated uptick in 2020 iPhone holiday sales could be attributed to the four 5G compatible phones Apple unveiled earlier this year, similar to how other technology milestones influenced historical iPhone sales figures.

  • iPhone holiday sales volume roughly doubled each year from 2008 to 2010, then increased by 128% in 2011, the year Apple released a CDMA version of the iPhone 4 that was compatible with Verizon’s network

  • In 2012, iPhone holiday sales outpaced 2011 figures by more than 10 million units. That was the year Apple unveiled the iPhone 5, the first model with 4G capability

  • In 2014, Apple sold 23 million more iPhones than it did during the 2013 holiday season. The iPhone 6 and 6 Plus were introduced in 2014, and the iPhone 6 would go on to become the best-selling iPhone of all time

  • In 2018, iPhone holiday quarter sales dipped by 15 million units compared to the previous year, perhaps impacted by the popularity of the iPhone X, released in 2017

  • Holiday sales volume resurged in 2019, the year the iPhone 11 was released, but failed to eclipse the record set in 2016 – the year the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus were released

Undoubtedly, Apple has established the iPhone as one of the world’s most popular Christmas gifts. But with as many as 80 million units set to be sold this holiday season, what can people do with the old phones their new iPhones will replace?

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