Finding the Serial Number on your Mac 

Need to find your serial number of your iMac, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air and Mac Mini? Here are some instructions to help determine the serial number of your Mac.

MacBook Air

Serial number in three spots:

• In OS X, under Apple menu > About This Mac -> More Info

• The barcode label of the original packaging

• Centered on the bottom of the back

Mac mini

• Disconnect all cords running to it.

• Turn it over.

• Locate the serial number on the bottom of the server or the top edge.


• On the computer: Physically placed on the computer itself.

• Computer’s system information: Find the serial number in the “About This Mac” section which gives you a look at your system and its serial number.

• On the Original Box: Find the serial number located somewhere on it. It is usually a small sticker or an indentation which specifies the serial number.

• Printed on the receipt: Most purchases have a receipt with the serial number directly on it. It may also be found on packing slips or invoices that came with it.

MacBook Pro

In Mac OS X:

• Boot up your MacBook Pro

• Click on the Apple icon at top left

• Click "About This Mac" in the drop-down menu.

• On the "About This Mac" window, click on "More Info"

• Click on "Hardware" in the "Contents" pane on the left.

• Around the bottom of the list will be your serial number.

Macbook Pro 2009 and later

• Flip it over

• Place it on a level, secure surface

• Look on the case for the serial number

MacBook Pro 2008 and prior

• Turn the MacBook Pro off.

• Turn it over and lift up the locking lever.

• Take off the door and pull the tab up to get the battery out.

• Serial number located on the front of the compartment.