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FAQ: Selling your books

How does book selling on Flipsy.com work?

Flipsy.com shows you how much your book is worth, and all the online companies that are offering to buy your book right now. If you have books to sell, find the best offer and sell it now.

Flipsy also helps you price books for other marketplaces, like eBay or classified ad sites like Craigslist.

If I sell my books, what work do I have to do?

Selling your books is pretty painless. You really just need to print the packing slip from the company buying the book, and package the book. Packaging materials can be purchased for around $1.50, or sometimes the companies will provide free packing materials.

Do I have to pay to ship the books?

The majority of stores offer free return shipping. You will need to print the label, package the book and ship it using the instructions provided.

What happens if the book is not accepted?

You will want to ensure your book meets the condition guidlines provided by each vendor. See the Book Condition Guide for a list of each stores specific condition requirements.

What if I have a large number of books to sell?

Use the Flipsy.com multi-search function. Flipsy will prepare a report that can be printed showing you the best combined-store price for your books, and the highest price offered for each book.

What if there is no one offering the book?

Set up a price alert. Once a store is buying your book you will be notified by email. To set up a price alert find your book and click on the price alert tab.

When will I get paid?

Each store offers different payment terms. Most stores pay within 2 weeks of receiving your book. Some stores pay within a day of receiving your book. You can see the terms of payment for each store in the Store Profile section. Remember the payment time is from the time they receive the book,any delay in shipping will cause a delay in being paid.

What if my book is missing CD's or other supplemental material?

We recommend you email the company you have chosen to sell to before sending them your book, to get a specific agreement that they are OK with not receiving the missing item. If your book is not accepted, most stores will not return it to you.

Can my book have highlighting or writing in it?

Yes, some highlighting and some writing is OK. If it is excessive, it may disqualify your book for payment. We would suggest sending a few sample pictures of the writing to the company you have chosen to sell to before sending in the book. If your book is not accepted, most stores will not return it to you.

Are there any conditions that are not accepted?

Yes, the following conditions will most likely disqualify it from being purchased:

• Smoke damage
• Loose or torn covers
• Books with odors
• Missing or torn pages
• Answers completed
• Water damaged
• Excessive writing or highlighting

Store by Store Book condition requirements

What if my book is not accepted or the buying company does not receive it?

In most cases, you will have to accept the loss. The terms of most of the buyback agreements are that your book will not be returned. You can see each stores individual policy here.

Most buyback stores offer shipping that includes tracking. This will help determine if your book arrived. If it arrived and they do not accept it because of its condition, they should contact you to explain why they are not accepting the book.

The best steps to take is to avoid this situation is to take the time to read the seller's condition requirments. Package the book properly.

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