4 Ways to Repair the USB Charging Port on a Samsung Phone (and What It Costs)

Have a Samsung Galaxy S10, S9, S8 or other Samsung phone that won’t charge? Is the charging cable loose or does it fall out of the mini-USB port? Here are four options to repair or replace the USB charging port on your Samsung phone.

NOTE: If your phone is still under warranty, check with your carrier or manufacturer to see if you can get your device repaired free-of-charge. Here’s Samsung’s product warranty page.

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Samsung charging port repair costs compared

Here’s what you can generally expect to pay for Samsung phone charging port repair.

Samsung Charging Port Repair OptionEstimated Price Range
Lint/Debris Removal$0
DIY Repair$2 – $30
Professional Repair Service$50 – $90
Phone Insurance Claim$49 – $50

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Option 1: Remove lint and other debris

Many smartphone users carry their phones in their pockets, and over time lint and other debris can work their way into the USB charging port and prevent the charging cable from making a solid connection with the port contacts. Follow these steps to remove lint and repair the USB charging port on your Samsung phone.

  1. Turn off your Samsung phone and disconnect it from the charger
  2. Insert a small needle into the charging port and slowly, gently swipe it through the space between the contacts and the USB port walls
  3. As you swipe, gently pull the needle toward you and out of the port to remove lint. Continue until all the lint is removed
Once the lint is removed, your charger should make a solid connection and your Samsung phone should charge normally.

NOTE: Be careful to avoid damaging the contacts with the needle. Attempt this fix at your own risk. If it doesn’t work, you might need to replace your charging cable or USB charging port.

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Option 2: DIY Samsung phone charging port replacement

You can replace your own Samsung phone charging port if you’re tech savvy and have a bit of patience. Replacement charging ports can be purchased directly from phone part suppliers like Repairs Universe, Injured Gadgets and iFixit.

Expect to pay between $2 and $30 for a new charging port, depending on the model and whether you buy a standalone charging port or a flex cable/assembly (more on that below). Toolkits start at $5 if you don’t already have the tools you need.

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Here are some example replacement Samsung charging port prices.

ModelRepairs UniverseInjured GadgetsiFixit
Galaxy S9
See what it’s worth
Flex/Assembly: $10
Standalone: n/a
Flex/Assembly: $5
Standalone: n/a
Flex/Assembly: $30
Galaxy S7
See what it’s worth
Flex/Assembly: $7
Standalone: $2
Flex/Assembly: $5
Standalone: $5
Flex/Assembly: $10
Galaxy S5
See what it’s worth
Flex/Assembly: $8
Standalone: n/a
Flex/Assembly: $2
Standalone: n/a
Flex/Assembly: $30
Galaxy Note 10
See what it’s worth
n/aStandalone: $2
Flex/Assembly: $9
Standalone: $5
Flex/Assembly: $15
Galaxy Note 8
See what it’s worth
Flex/Assembly: $13
Standalone: n/a
Flex/Assembly: $8
Standalone: n/a
Flex/Assembly: $8
Galaxy Note 5
See what it’s worth
Flex/Assembly: $9
Standalone: n/a
Flex/Assembly: $5
Standalone: n/a
Flex/Assembly: $25

How to replace your Samsung phone charging port

WARNING: This can be a difficult repair, especially if you aren’t experienced. Before you begin, understand that you risk causing additional damage and could void any warranties and insurance policies.

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On older models like the Samsung Galaxy S1 through S5, Galaxy J1 through J3 and Galaxy Note 1 through Note 4, you’ll generally need to do the following to access the charging port:

  • Remove the back cover, SIM card and microSD card
  • Remove the battery
  • Unscrew the midframe and disconnect various cables and screws

On newer phones like the Galaxy S6 through S10, Galaxy Note 5 through Note 10 and Galaxy A models A3, A5 and A9 as well as some Galaxy J models, you’ll generally need to do the following to access the charging port:

  • Heat the rear glass
  • Remove the rear glass with a suction cup and pry tool
  • Disconnect various cables and screws

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Note that the charging port is soldered directly to the motherboard on older models like the Galaxy SII and Galaxy SIII. If you’re experienced with soldering, you can separate the charging port from the motherboard to replace it, as depicted in the video below.

On newer models, the charging port is sold either as a standalone part or as part of a flex cable (also known as an assembly or, in some cases, a daughterboard).

Though it’s possible to replace the standalone charging port with soldering, it’s typically easier to replace the entire flex cable. Doing so will also ensure the charging port is completely repaired in the event the issue is with the flex cable itself. Here’s how to do it on a Galaxy S6:

And here’s how to replace the charging port on a Galaxy S9:

Option 3: Professional cell phone repair

You can have your Samsung phone’s charging port replaced by a local or mail-in repair shop. Local options can often complete the repair in a day. Online mail-in repair services take longer, but they’re good options if a local shop isn’t available.

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Expect to pay between $50 and $90 for professional Samsung charging port replacement, depending on your model and selected service. It’s a good idea to see if your repair shop offers any warranties on parts and labor. You should also inquire about your service tech’s experience, credentials and part quality.

Here are some example prices for professional Samsung charging port replacement services:

ModelBatteries PlusMy Broken PhoneBest Buy/Geek Squad
Galaxy Note 10
See what it’s worth

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Option 4: File an insurance claim

You can also file an insurance claim to have your Samsung charging port repaired or replaced. If you’re on a carrier insurance plan, a local repair center might be available for quick service. Otherwise, you’ll need to mail your phone in.

Phone insurance: Worth it or waste of money?

Here are example charging port repair deductibles, which vary depending on your model and plan. Note that these prices do not include premiums. You can click the links to start a claim.

Insurance OptionCharging Port Repair Deductible
Verizon$99 to $249
AT&T$125 to $250
Sprint$65 to $140
T-Mobile$49 to $249

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