Cracked OnePlus Screen Repair Cost

How much does OnePlus screen replacement cost? The answer depends on your model and selected repair options. Here’s a comparison of the OnePlus screen repair cost for different models and options.

Estimated cracked OnePlus screen replacement costs

OnePlus ModelOnePlus Damage ProtectionCarrier InsurancePro Repair ServiceDIY Repair
OnePlus 7T$49$99
OnePlus 7 Pro$49$99$271
OnePlus 6T$49$99$209 to $250$110 to $134
OnePlus 6$49$99$189 to $200$112 to $140
OnePlus 5T$140 to $159$54 to $110
OnePlus 5$130 to $149$50 to $115
OnePlus 3T$140$47 to $60
OnePlus 3$139$46 to $60
OnePlus X$179$50 to $100
OnePlus 2$129$18 to $60
OnePlus One$109$24 to $45

Cracked OnePlus screen repair options and costs

Cracked OnePlus screen replacement costs vary by model and the repair option you choose. Here’s what to expect.

Warranty repair: $0

If your OnePlus phone is still under the standard 12-month warranty, you might be able to get your screen replaced for free.

The warranty only covers manufacturing defects, however, so if your screen was damaged accidentally it will not qualify and you will need to pay for repair.

Phone Insurance: Worth it or waste of money?

OnePlus damage protection: $49

If you signed up for OnePlus damage protection when you purchased your phone, you can get your screen repaired at your plan’s stated deductible. OnePlus offers multiple protection plans through Servify, each with different limits and upfront fees. All plans have a $49 deductible for screen repair.

The OnePlus Screen Protection Plan has a $49 deductible. The plan costs $39 for 6 months of coverage and $70 for 12 months of coverage on the OnePlus 7 Pro, and $65 for 12 months of coverage on the OnePlus 7T.

The OnePlus Accidental Damage Plan (OnePlus Protect) has a $49 deductible for screen repairs and replacement. Pricing starts at $69 for 12 months of coverage on the OnePlus 7T, $89 for 12 months of coverage on the OnePlus 7 Pro 8GB RAM + 256 GB Storage and tops out at $165 for 24 months of coverage on the OnePlus 7 Pro 12GB RAM + 256 GB Storage.

OnePlus Protect Plus combines the Accidental Damage Plan with an extended warranty and has a $49 deductible. It starts at $179 for 24 months of coverage on the OnePlus 6 6GB + 128 Storage and tops out at $199 for the OnePlus 6 12 GB RAM + 256 GB Storage.

Carrier insurance: $99

T-Mobile is the only carrier that sells OnePlus phones, so it’s the only one that offers insurance. Pricing depends on the phone tier.
T-Mobile Phone Insurance: What it covers, what it doesn’t
For example, T-Mobile classifies the OnePlus 6T as a Tier 3 phone, so insurance costs $12 per month. The OnePlus 7 Pro is classified as a Tier 4 phone, so insurance costs $14 per month.

In both cases, the screen replacement deductible is $99.

Professional OnePlus phone repair: $109 to $250

Jet City Device Repair is one of the few companies that advertises OnePlus screen repair services. Pricing range between $130 and $250, depending on the model. One Hour Device Repair is another. They charge $109 to $209 for OnePlus screen repair, depending on the model. Note: OnePlus offers its own repair service. However, the prices listed on its site are for parts only and do not include labor fees. A OnePlus chat support representative told us labor fees are not available for the United States, but you can still request a repair via its website.
Online Phone Repair: How it works & what it costs

DIY OnePlus phone repair: $18 to $271

You can replace your own OnePlus screen with an LCD and digitizer assembly from sites like iFixit, Repairs Universe, Injured Gadgets, ETrade Supply and Witrigs. Find repair guides on sites like iFixit and YouTube.

Note: Though OnePlus lists pricing for repair parts on its website, a OnePlus chat support representative told us they do not sell repair parts directly to the public.
Want to Fix It Yourself? Here’s where & how to learn phone repair
Make sure you’re comfortable making the repair before you begin. If you make a mistake, you can cause additional, costly damage plus void any warranties and insurance policies.

Did you know? Many phones are worth $100+. Find the value of your phone.


Note that you might find it difficult to find screen replacement service and parts for the latest OnePlus models; for example, we were unable to find a company that advertised repair services or that sold an LCD and digitizer assembly for the OnePlus 7T. However, a local repair shop might be able to repair your phone or you might be able to find aftermarket replacement parts on eBay.

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