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How to Sell a Prepaid Phone

Can you sell a prepaid cell phone? Absolutely! shows you how.

Lots of trade-in companies buy used carrier-contract phones, but what about no-contract prepaid phones? Can you sell a prepaid phone from Metro PCS, U.S. Cellular, Tracfone, Cricket, and other carriers? The short answer is yes. The trick is in knowing where to find buyers.


  • How to sell your prepaid phone
  • Where to sell your prepaid phone
  • Prepaid phone values

How to sell your prepaid phone

The process for selling a prepaid, no-contract phone is the same as any other cell phone. That said, it’s worth noting that some buyers will only purchase prepaid phones that are unlocked from the carrier. Unlocking your prepaid phone before selling it can also make it more valuable. Learn how to sell a unlocked phone.

Here’s what you need to do before you sell your prepaid phone:

Disable security features

Disable any security features built into your device, including features like Find My iPhone and Activation Lock.

Erase all data and reset to factory settings

This step is critical to protect your financial data, personal photos, and identity. It often requires more than a simple factory reset.

Remove your SIM card and microSD card

Don’t forget to remove your SIM card and microSD card, if present.

Where to sell your prepaid phone

Most trade-in companies will buy prepaid phones locked to major carriers like Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, and T-Mobile; however, finding buyers for smaller carriers can prove difficult. Flipsy can help you find buyers for phones locked to Cricket, Tracfone, U.S. Cellular, Metro PCS, and other prepaid phone companies. You can also sell prepaid phones on the private market, as described below.

Options include:

The private market

You can sell your prepaid phone on the private market, which includes Ebay, Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, and other peer-to-peer auctions and classifieds listings. Check Flipsy for current private market values so you know how to price your phone. Consider setting your price 15 to 20 percent above your bottom dollar to give yourself some negotiation room.

·The private market typically earns you the most money

·Potential for quick, local sales

·Cash money

·No guarantee of sale

·Sales could take a long time

·Can be inconvenient to negotiate and meet with buyers

Carriers and manufacturers

All the major carriers plus Apple offer trade-in programs.

·Fast, guaranteed sales

·Free shipping plus free shipping labels and/or kits

·Typically pay in store credit, not cash·Credit might take up to three months to be applied to your account

·Pays less than the private market and dedicated trade-in companies


You can sell your prepaid phone via ecoATM kiosks.

·Pays instant cash

·Local kiosk locations can be convenient

·Typically pays less than other options

·Transaction can take up to 30 minutes

Trade-in companies

Buyback World, USell, Gazelle, Buyback Boss, and many other dedicated trade-in companies will buy your used device. instantly compares prices from dozens of trade-in companies so you can quickly see who is paying the most for your prepaid phone.

·Cash payment options

·Fast, guaranteed sale

·Convenient – you do not have to leave your home

· Free shipping plus free shipping labels and/or kits

·Some will buy broken phones

·Typically pays more than carrier programs and kiosks

·Typically pays less than the private market

Prepaid phone values

Here are some trade-in and private market values for popular prepaid phone models.

iPhone 6S (16GB)


U.S. Cellular

Samsung Galaxy S5

Boost Mobile


Metro PCS

U.S. Cellular

Virgin Mobile


Virgin Mobile

Alcatel OneTouch Idol 3 5.5



Straight Talk

LG Stylo 2 Plus

Metro PCS

LG Ultimate 2

Tracfone, Straight Talk

Motorola Moto X 2nd Generation

Republic Wireless

U.S. Cellular

These are just a few examples of prepaid phones you can sell for cash – if you know where to find buyers. makes it easy to find buyers and instantly compares the highest-paying trade-in offers to help you get the most money for your prepaid phone.

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