4 Simple Ways to Tell What Samsung Tablet You Have

Do you need to find the model number of your Samsung tablet so you can sell it? It’s the best way to ensure you’re accurately representing which tablet you’re selling so you can get a fair price. Here are four easy ways to identify your Samsung tablet.

Method 1: Look on the back

Most Samsung tablets have the model number clearly printed on the back case, toward the bottom. You’ll need to remove any third-party protective cases to see it. Once you have your model number, reference the table below to identify your Samsung tablet.


If you have an older Nexus tab, you might need to remove the panel around the camera to see the model number. Use a pry tool, as shown in the following video – but check Method 2 first, which shows you how to find your model number via the settings menu.

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Method 2: Via the settings menu

You can also use the settings menu to discover what Samsung tablet you have. This method will work for any tablet, from the Galaxy Tab A series to the Tab S, Tab E and Tab Pro.

For newer models:

  • Your model number will be listed

For older models:

  • Your model number will be listed

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Method 3: Via your Samsung or carrier account

If you registered your tablet on your Samsung account, you can log in to view your model number:

  • Log in to your Samsung account
  • Click My Products
  • Your tablet and its model number will be listed

If it’s installed on your tablet, you can also find your model number via the Samsung Members app.

Need to identify your Samsung phone? Here are 3 simple ways to tell which Samsung Galaxy you have
Alternatively, you might be able to find your model on your carrier account page. On Verizon, for example, the device model is listed under “Manage Device.” Note that your carrier might list your device name rather than its model number.

Method 4: Original receipt and packaging

Finally, you can check your original receipt and packaging to see if your Samsung tablet name or model number is listed. Once you’ve identified your model number, use this table to determine which Samsung tablet you have.

SM-T730, SM-T733, SM-T736BGalaxy Tab 7 FE2021
SM-T970, SM-T976BGalaxy Tab S7+2020
SM-T870, SM-T875, SM-T876BGalaxy Tab S72020
SM-P610, SM-P615Galaxy Tab S6 Lite2020
SM-T860, SM-T865Galaxy Tab S62019
SM-T510, SM-T515Galaxy Tab A 10.12019
SM-T290, SM-T295Galaxy Tab A 8.02019
SM-P200, SM-P205Galaxy Tab A 8.0 & S Pen2019
SM-T720, SM-T725Galaxy Tab S5e2019
SM-T545, SM-T547Galaxy Tab Active Pro2019
SM-T920, SM-T927, SM-T927AGalaxy View2                2019
SM-W737Galaxy Book22018
SM-T590, SM-T595Galaxy Tab A 10.52018
SM-T387VGalaxy Tab A 8.02018
SM-T-830, SM-T835Galaxy Tab S42018
SM-W720Galaxy Book 12-inch                       2017
SM-W627Galaxy Book 10.6-inch2017
SM-T820, SM-T825Galaxy Tab S32017
T380, T385Galaxy Tab A 8.0                              2017
SM-T390, SM-T395Galaxy Tab Active22017
SM-T813N, SM-T819NGalaxy Tab S2 8.02016
T580, T585Galaxy Tab A 10.12016
T280, T285Galaxy Tab A 7.02016
T375, T377, T377RGalaxy Tab E 8.02016
SM-T113Galaxy Tab E Lite 7.02016
SM-T670Galaxy View2015
SM-T810, SM-T815Galaxy Tab S2 9.72015
SM-T710, SM-T715Galaxy Tab S2 8.02015
T560, T561Galaxy Tab E 9.62015
T550, T555, P550, P555Galaxy Tab A 9.72015
T350, T355Galaxy Tab A 8.02015
SM-T1116NUGalaxy Tab 3 V2015
T110Galaxy Tab 3 Lite 7.02014
SM-T800, SM-T801, SM-T805Galaxy Tab S 10.52014
SM-T700, SM-T701, SM-T705Galaxy Tab S 8.42014
T900, T905Galaxy Tab Pro 12.22014
SM-T520, SM-T525Galaxy Tab Pro 10.12014
SM-T320, SM-T321, SM-T325Galaxy Tab Pro 8.42014
SM-T530, SM-T531, SM-T535Galaxy Tab 4 10.12014
SM-T330, SM-T331, SM-T335Galaxy Tab 4 8.02014
SM-T230, SM-T231, SM-T235Galaxy Tab 4 7.02014
P600, P601, P605Galaxy Note 10.12014
P900, P901, P905Galaxy Note Pro 12.22014
SM-T360, SM-T365Galaxy Tab Active2014
SM-T2105Galaxy Tab 3 Kids2013
510Galaxy Note 8.02013
GT-P5210, GT-P5200, GT-P5220Galaxy Tab 3 10.12013
SM-T310, SM-T311, SM-T315Galaxy Tab 3 8.02013
SM-T210, SM-T211, SM-T215Galaxy Tab 3 7.02013
N8000, N8010, N8020Galaxy Note 10.12012
GT-P5113, GT-P5100, SCH-I915Galaxy Tab 2 10.12012
GT-P3110, GT-P3100, SCH-I705Galaxy Tab 2 7.02012
GT-P6810, GT-P6800, SCH-I815Galaxy Tab 7.72012
P8110Google Nexus 102012
GT-P6210, GT-P6200Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus2011
GT-P7310, GT-P7300, SGH-I957Galaxy Tab 8.92011
GT-P7100Galaxy Tab 10.1v2011
GT-P7510, GT-P7500, SCH-I905Galaxy Tab 10.12011
GT-P1010, GT-P1000, SCH-I800Galaxy Tab2010

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