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Before You Sell: EcoATM Checklist

If there is an ecoATM kiosk in your local mall or other community location, it can be a convenient way to sell your old smartphone for quick cash. Though ecoATM transactions are relatively fast and easy, there are several things you should do before you sell your smartphone via a kiosk. Failing to do so can cost you money, time and even your personal identity. The following checklist details steps you should take before you sell your smartphone to ecoATM.

ecoATM Checklist
Check the priceGet an estimate on ecoATM’s website and compare it to top offers on Flipsy
Assess the condition of your phoneDetermine what condition your phone is in so you can get a fair deal
Remove all accessoriesecoATM does not need screen protectors, cases, chargers or cables
Remove the SIM cardecoATM does not need your SIM card
Remove the microSD cardecoATM does not need your microSD card, which can contain sensitive data
Make sure you’re getting a good deal! See what your phone is worth @ Flipsy
Make a backupBackup your phone so you do not lose important photos and files. Transfer files, apps and settings to your new phone
Factory reset your phoneWipe your phone to erase sensitive data, personal photos, passwords and other information
Manually clean your phoneClean phones look more attractive and in better condition
Take your IDecoATM requires a driver’s license or other state-issued ID
Check your appearanceMake sure you look like the photo on your ID, since an ecoATM staff member will remotely verify your identity
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Check the price

EcoATM kiosks are great if you need cash fast, but if you’re interested in getting the most money possible for your used smartphone it’s a good idea to compare ecoATM prices first. Visit and find your phone to instantly compare offers from dozens of online buyback companies. Flipsy will display the best buyback offer in comparison to other offers on a single page, as well as the private market value of your smartphone – what you can expect to receive if you sell it on Craigslist, eBay and other private marketplaces. You can also get up-to-date prices directly from the ecoATM website.

Here’s how ecoATM prices stack up to Flipsy Trust Verified Stores for phones in “good” condition.

ecoATM OfferFlipsy Offer
iPhone 11 (See Current Value)$240$467
iPhone XS (See Current Value)$220$425
iPhone 7 (See Current Value)$45$110
Galaxy S10 (See Current Value)$165$361
Phone not listed? See your phone’s value @ Flipsy
Galaxy Note 9 (See Current Value)$155$282
Galaxy S7 (See Current Value)$24$53
Google Pixel 3a (See Current Value)$16$123
Google Pixel 3 (See Current Value)$40$180
LG V40 ThinQ (See Current Value)$21$130
LG G8 ThinQ (See Current Value)$45$135
* Retrieved 04/15/2020. Prices for base capacity phones in “good” condition on the Verizon network
ecoATM Prices: Good deal or not?
Once you know how much your smartphone is worth, you can then make an educated decision regarding whether to sell your smartphone to ecoATM, on the private market, to a Flipsy Trust Verified Store or to another buyer. You can also gauge whether ecoATM’s pricing is fair, or at least on par with buyback stores. In some cases, the price difference might be worth waiting to receive payment; in others, the difference might be negligible and offer justification for getting fast cash via ecoATM.

Assess the condition of your phone

The condition of your phone directly impacts its value, so you should assess its condition even before you check prices. Vendors have various definitions for what constitutes a given condition, but in general phones are graded on the following conditions:
Phone Condition Guide
NewBrand new, never out of the box
Like NewNo damage whatsoever
Very GoodWorks perfectly, but might have a couple of superficial scratches
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GoodShows normal wear and tear, but still works perfectly
FairWear borders on the excessive, but still functions properly
PoorHeavy cosmetic damage, perhaps even a broken screen, but still works
BrokenThe phone does not work; parts and buttons might be missing or broken
ecoATM does not publish a condition guide on its website, but it does say it assesses condition based on things like age and damage. If you get an estimate on ecoATM’s website, they’ll ask three questions about your device’s condition: does it power on? Does the screen light up? Are there any cracks? It’s a good idea to assess the condition of your phone before you sell it so you can determine whether a given offer is fair. Be honest with your assessment: it’s better to get more money than you expect than less.

Remove all accessories

Before you place your phone in an ecoATM kiosk, be sure to remove all accessories that could hinder the function of the machine. Those include screen protectors, covers, and cases – items you could potentially even sell on the private market if they’re still in good condition. Chargers and cables are likewise not required for ecoATM transactions.

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Remove the SIM card

Your SIM card connects you to your wireless network; if you leave your SIM card in and your phone is stolen, it’s possible for others to tap into your network and make purchases on your behalf. SIM cards can also be transferred between phones, allowing unauthorized users to use your wireless plan for their own calls, data and gaming – which could rack up fees. Even though ecoATM takes robust security measures, the best security is prevention.

Remove the MicroSD card

Your MicroSD card, if present, can contain sensitive data, photos and other information you don’t want to fall into the wrong hands. Protect yourself by removing your MicroSD card, which is reusable on other devices.

Make a backup/transfer your files

In addition to removing your SIM and MicroSD cards, you should make a backup of your smartphone and transfer it elsewhere: to a new phone, laptop or desktop computer, for example. You don’t have to save everything, but it’s important to save anything you’ll want to use again. Many phones allow you to sync directly to a new device.

Factory reset/wipe your phone

This is the most important security measure listed: always factory reset your phone before selling it to ecoATM or anyone else. Your phone stores a lot of information about you that you don’t want to go public, including passwords, private photos, and even emails, so learn how to do a “hard factory reset” to completely wipe your phone’s data before selling. This single precaution alone can prevent a lot of headaches, including identity theft.

Protect your identity! Here’s how to reset your Apple device before you sell it

Manually clean your phone

This step isn’t absolutely necessary, especially since you’ll be dealing with a machine; however, it stands to reason that a clean phone looks more attractive and can improve the perception of condition to the human eye.

Take your ID

Make sure you have your driver’s license or other state-issued ID with you to sell your phone to ecoATM. The machine will scan your driver’s license to match your identity to your phone (it will also scan your thumbprint); then, it will snap your photo for remote live human ID verification before any money is dispensed. If you do not have your ID, you will not be able to use ecoATM.

Double-check your appearance

While it’s true that few of us are happy with our driver’s license photos, it’s also true that they serve as easy verification. Since an ecoATM staff member will verify that your live photo matches the one on your ID card, it’s a good idea to avoid appearing drastically different. Though rare, there have been cases in which users have complained they’ve been rejected for not matching their IDs.

If you’re considering selling your smartphone via ecoATM, make sure you follow these steps to ensure you’re getting the best deal, to protect yourself against identity theft and to ensure a quick, smooth transaction at the kiosk.

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