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Trust verified online buyback stores compete to pay you more. Secure your cash offer today with a free, no-obligation 14-day to 30-day price lock. It's the easy way to get the true value when selling a Sony PlayStation 4.

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When selling a Sony PlayStation 4, it pays to check your options. Flipsy Trust Verified stores often pay 30-50% more than carrier and in-store trade in options, plus you get cash not store credit!

We've compiled a list of FAQs that should answer any questions you have about your Sony PlayStation 4 and the process of selling it on Flipsy. That said, contact us with any questions.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • How can I verify my Sony PlayStation 4 Model?
  • How do I determine the condition of my Sony PlayStation 4?
  • How do I find the capacity of my Sony PlayStation 4?
  • What is my Sony PlayStation 4 worth?
  • Can I sell my Sony PlayStation 4 near me?
  • Can I sell a damaged Sony PlayStation 4?
  • How do I factory reset my Sony PlayStation 4?
  • How do I know it’s safe to sell my Sony PlayStation 4 with Flipsy?
  • Why is Flipsy Trust Verification important?
  • How to find the device details?

    Sony PlayStation 4
    Sony PlayStation 4
    1. Browse to Settings

    2. Select System Storage Management

    3. Total capacity will display on the screen

    • Sealed in original box
    • Has never been activated
    • Has all original accessories NIB
    Like New
    • Works perfectly
    • No cracks, scratches, or dents
    • All ports work
    • No software issues
    • All accessories included
    • Light use
    • Light scratches
    • Fully functional
    • No software issues
    • Has all original cables
    • Shows moderate to excessive signs of wear
    • Excessive scratches, dents, or mild housing damage
    • Not reading discs/cartridges
    • Software/hardware issues
    • Non-US edition
    • Parts or features that do not function as intended
    • Missing parts
    • Refurbished
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    Select lock type:

    • A device that is not fully paid off
    • Under finance / money still owed
    • IMEI status must be clean
    • Free from association with any iCloud, Find-My-iPhone account(s), or lock screen passcode
    • On a permanent "blacklist" either globally or by a carrier
    • Blacklisted and/or blocked for any reason
    • Unable to be used on a cellular network as a result of a blacklist/block and not a hardware malfunction
    • Free from association with any iCloud, Find-My-iPhone account(s), or lock screen passcode

    Note: If your device is unable to move past the activation screen, please select "activation locked" as your status.

    • Any device that is unable to move past its activation screen
    • Any device that has a passcode lock on its lock screen
    • Any device with any iCloud or Find-My-iPhone account(s) associated with it
    • A device that has a "mobile device management" or "MDM" lock
    • "Demo" model devices
    • IMEI status does not matter
    What condition is your item?
    • light use


    • Heavy use


    • Cracked screen



    Trust Verified Stores

    Trust Verified Stores

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    Free Shipping

    30% higher payouts

    30% More

    1 to 3 day payouts

    1 to 3 Day Payouts

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    Risk nothing when you sell your device through Flipsy, guaranteed! All Flipsy Trust Verified Stores offer:

    • No obligation price locks for up to 30 days
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    All Flipsy Trust Verified Stores issue payouts within 1 to 3 business days after they receive and inspect your device.