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Payment Types

Check, PayPal, Venmo

Payment Time

Payments are usually issued 72 hours from the time of the receipt of the package. Checks take 7-10 days from the time of the receipt of the package to arrive.

Shipping Information

The Whiz Cells offers shipping materials. If your phone is being purchased for over $100, The Whiz Cells gives you the option of sending.


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About The Whiz Cells

The Whiz Cells is an electronics recycler. Their mission is to keep electronics in use as long as possible to keep e-waste to a minimum in our landfills, while putting money in your pocket. How do they accomplish this? They purchase used electronics and resell them to people that may be upgrading from much older technology at a reduced cost. The Whiz Cells also purchases broken devices and sends them to refurbishing centers to be used for parts and then sold as quality working units again. Not only does the environment benefit from what they do, but you do as well. They pay you top dollar on your used or unwanted electronics so that you can purchase the newest, latest, and greatest with the least amount of impact on your wallet!

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