Headphone prices, trade in values & places to sell

Use this guide to find out how much your Apple, Beats, Bose, Sennheiser, Sony and other headphones are worth and where to sell them for the most money.

Headphone prices: How much they’re worth

Get a ballpark idea for how much your headphones are worth by comparing recent sales prices between multiple selling options: online buyback stores, brick-and-mortar stores and online marketplaces.

Resale and Trade-in Prices for Headphones (retrieved 11/28/2022)
HeadphonesOnline Buyback StoresBrick-and-Mortar Stores (Best Buy)Online Marketplaces (eBay, after fees)
Apple Airpods 2 w/Case$7$30$54
Beats Mixr$1N/A$83
Beats x Fendi Pro$15N/A$174
Beats Powerbeats2 Wireless$0N/A$34
Beats Solo 2 Wired$4N/A$34
Beats Studio WiredN/AN/A$67
Bose AE2$2N/A$67
Bose A20 Aviation Headset$130N/A$731
Bose QuietControl 30 Wireless Headphones$7N/A$111
Monster Adidas Originals$5N/A$51
Sennheiser HD 598 CS$15N/A$101
Sennheiser PXC 550$2N/A$131
Sennheiser HME 43-K Aviation$12N/AN/A
Skullcandy 2012 Mix Master$2N/AN/A
Shure SE535-V$60N/A$159
Shure SRH1540$91N/A$259
Audeze LCD-2$200N/A$551
Audeze LCD-XC$350N/A$736
Audeze LCD-3$370N/A$876
Bragi Dash Wireless Smart Earphones$0N/A$84
HiFiMan HE560$85N/A$363
HiFiMan HE400i$20N/A$115
HiFiMan HE1000$530N/A$1,483
Beyerdynamic T 90$80N/A$203
Bowers & Wilkins P5 Series 2$12N/A$59
SOL Republic Master Tracks XC Calvin Harris$2N/AN/A
Sony MDR-ZX770BN$4N/A$38
Sony XBA-Z5 Hybrid 3-Way In-Ear$115N/AN/A
Audio Technica ATH-S700BT Over Ear$12N/A$50
JayBird X3 Wireless In Ear$0N/A$27
JayBird Freedom F5$0N/A$31
Bang & Olufsen BeoPlay H4 Wireless$8N/A$103
Photive BTH3 Bluetooth$0N/A$10
Plantronics Backbeat Pro 2 Wireless$4N/A$43
Note that these represent general price ranges and there are always exceptions. The best way to find out how much your headphones are worth is to compare recent sales prices.

What affects the value of headphones?

Used headphone values are affected by a variety of factors and are generally dictated by technological sophistication.

Wired, low-end in-ear headphones (ear buds) and over-ear headphones are usually worth between $2 and $25. Standard wireless headphones (in-ear, over-ear and on-ear) and wired headphones with dynamic drivers and passive noise cancelling can be worth $25 to $50. If your headphones feature active noise cancelling or excellent Bluetooth wireless, they may be worth $50 to $125 (a common price point for premium in-ear headphones).

True wireless in-ear headphones, in which earpieces are not connected by wires, can be worth $50 to $125 or more. Wireless on-ear and over-ear headphones that feature excellent active noise cancelling and premium dynamic or planar magnetic drivers can fetch $125 to $250. High-end over-ear headphones with planar magnetic drivers, ultra-thin diaphragms and open-back designs can be worth anywhere from $250 to $500 or more.

Wireless models tend to be worth more than wired models, provided all other specs are equal. Remote controls can add value, as can microphones – standard for aviation and gaming headsets. Other factors that affect headphone values include brand reputation, model year, condition, impedance (how much energy is required to power headphones), comfort and earpiece pivots, battery life (for active noise cancelling headphones), water resistance (particularly for sports headphones), voice assistance capabilities and biometric capabilities (heart rate, etc.).

Where to sell your headphones

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