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Cash for golf clubs: prices, trade in values & places to sell

Use this guide to find out how much your Callaway, TaylorMade, Titleist, Ping and other golf clubs are worth plus where to trade in or sell golf clubs for cash.

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Golf club prices: How much they’re worth

Get a ballpark idea for how much your golf clubs are worth by comparing offers between golf club trade in stores and eBay recent sales. For consistency, the table below compares drivers and iron sets manufactured in 2014 and 2015. Resale and Trade-in Prices for 2014/2015 Golf Clubs (retrieved 04/15/2024)

Golf ClubGolf Club Trade-In Stores (PGA Value Guide)Online Marketplaces (eBay, after fees)
Callaway Big Bertha Alpha Driver$25$117
Callaway X2 Hot Pro Steel Iron Set (4-PW)$76$197
TaylorMade SLDR S Driver$16$118
TaylorMade Tour Preferred MC Iron Set (3-PW)$103$291
Titleist 915D3 Driver$36$132
Titleist MB 714 Steel Iron Set (4-PW)$128$319
Ping i25 Driver$32$137
Ping S55 Iron Set (4-PW)$116$317
Nike VR-S Covert Tour Driver$34$156
Nike VR-S Covert Graphite Iron Set (4-PW)$87$221
Cobra Bio Cell Pro Driver$30$76
Cobra Bio Cell Silver Steel Iron Set (4-PW)$66$203
Cleveland 588 Altitude Driver$19$68
Cleveland CG Gold Graphite Iron Set (4-PW)$59$187
Newer golf clubs are generally worth more than older models. For example, a used 2019 Callaway Epic Flash driver can sell for more than $350 on the private market and up to $250 on trade in. Compare that to a 2005 Callaway Big Bertha 454, which will net around $20 to $40 on the private market and $10 to $15 on trade in.

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That general axiom doesn’t apply to vintage golf clubs, which can be worth anywhere from just a few bucks to more than a thousand dollars. For example, an original Scottsdale Ping Answer Version 1 putter sold in an April 2019 auction for $1,405.

How to find the value of your golf clubs

There are two types of values applied to golf clubs: the private market value and the trade in value. The private market value is what individual buyers will pay and the trade in value is what companies that intend to resell your clubs for a profit will pay. Here’s how to find them: Private market value: Search eBay and filter by sold items. Compare matching club models and conditions to see how much private buyers will pay. Trade in value: Use the PGA golf club trade in value calculator. Select your club type (driver, fairway/wood, hybrid, iron set, wedge or putter), brand, model, specs like shaft material and iron count, and finally the condition to get the trade-in value for your golf clubs.

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What affects the value of golf clubs?

Used golf club values are affected by a variety of factors, including:

  • Brand
  • Type of club
  • Shaft material
  • Completeness (irons)
  • Age
  • Condition

Brand Golf clubs manufactured by the following brands typically have value and can be traded in or sold for cash:

Adams Ben Hogan Bettinardi Bobby Grace Bobby Jones Brainstorm Bridgestone Callaway Cleveland Cobra Cure Edel Evnroll FourteenHappy Putter Honma Kevin Burns MacGregor Maxfli Miura Mizuno Never Compromise Nickent Nike Odyssey Orlimar Ping PXGRife Scratch SeeMore Srixon TaylorMade Titleist Tommy Armour Toulon Design TourEdge Wilson XXIO Yes Yonex
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Type of club In general, drivers are the most valuable types of golf clubs, followed by fairway woods and then hybrids, putters and wedges. Irons are typically sold as sets – the more complete the set, the more valuable it is. This comparison of trade in prices for a set of 2018-2019 Titleist golf clubs illustrates the differences in club values:
  • TS3 Driver: $221
  • TS3 Fairway Wood: $131
  • 818 H2 Hybrid: $63
  • T-MB 718 Graphite Iron Set (3-PW): $595 ($74 per iron)
  • Vokey SM7 Brushed Steel D Graphite Wedge: $47
  • Scotty Cameron Newport 2 Detour Putter: $60
Shaft material Modern golf club shafts are composed of graphite or steel. Graphite clubs are generally more valuable, though the difference is often negligible. For example, the trade in value for an 8-piece set of Callaway Big Bertha 2019 irons with steel shafts is $500. With graphite shafts, it’s $504.

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Completeness (irons) Everything else being equal, the more clubs in an iron set the greater its value: a set that has 8 irons will be more valuable than a set that has 6 irons. It’s also important for the clubs to be in consecutive order. Thus, an iron set that includes the 5 iron through the pitching wedge will generally be more valuable than a set that includes the 4 iron through the pitching wedge but is missing the 7 iron. Some golf club trade in companies won’t accept iron sets that aren’t in consecutive order. For those that are in consecutive order, sets are valued according to the number of clubs. The PGA Value Guide offers the following valuations for complete and incomplete iron sets:
  • 8 consecutive clubs: 100% of the value
  • 7 consecutive clubs: 87.5% of the value
  • 6 consecutive clubs: 75% of the value
  • 5 consecutive clubs: 62.5% of the value
  • 4 consecutive clubs or less: 0% of the value
Age As noted, newer clubs are generally more valuable than older clubs, though other factors such as brand, completeness and shaft material play a role.

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For example, a 2019 Cobra King F9 Speedback driver has a trade-in value of $185 (original MSRP $449), while a 2003 Cobra SZ 440 driver has a trade-in value of just $12, even though it originally retailed for $369. Condition Condition plays a major role in golf club values. The PGA Value Guide assesses two conditions: used and damaged.
  • Used clubs have no noticeable gouging, rusting, dents, deep scratches, paint chipping or excessive wear. Iron sets must include at least 6 consecutive clubs. Loft or lie adjustments must be less than 3 inches from the manufacturer’s standard
  • Damaged clubs have dents, gouging and/or deep scratching, paint chipping, rusting or excessive face wear. Iron sets may be nonsequential. Clubs with loft or lie adjustments greater than three inches from the manufacturer’s standard are considered damaged

Where to sell your golf clubs

Used golf club selling options include:
  • Online golf club trade in stores
  • Online marketplaces & forums
  • Local golf club selling options

Online golf club trade in stores

Trade in stores let you sell your golf clubs for cash or credit that can be used to upgrade your sticks. They won’t pay full market value because they need to resell your clubs for a profit, but they do offer quick, convenient sales and – in many cases – free shipping. Examples include:

PGA Value Guide Swing ‘Em Again Golf Pro Clubs The Golf Club Golf Club Brokers Golfstix Dick’s Sporting Goods2nd Swing Golf Galaxy Sell a Club Global Golf Mike’s Golf Shop Pinecraft Golf Shop World GolfCallaway Pre-Owned TaylorMade Pre-Owned 3 Balls Golfing Exchange Golf Merchandise Clearance Service

Online marketplaces & forums

You might be able to get more money by selling your golf clubs via online marketplaces and forums. eBay’s auction format can drive up the price, for example, though you’ll still need to pay selling and PayPal fees.

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Many golf forums have buy/sell/trade classifieds threads, and there are no middlemen to pay. However, forums typically aren’t moderated so you need to be sure you have cash in-hand (or at least escrow) before you ship your golf clubs. Examples include:

Local golf club selling options

Local golf retailers and pro shops generally offer quick sales without the hassle of shipping your golf clubs. They won’t pay full market value because they need to resell for profit, though some will sell your golf clubs on consignment for a commission. Private buyers will pay more, though the pool of potential buyers is limited and you might need to wait for the right buyer. If you’re selling to an individual, protect yourself: take a friend along and meet in a well-lit, busy public venue. Examples of local selling options include:
  • Craigslist
  • Facebook Marketplace
  • Apps like LetGo and OfferUp
  • Local pro shops
  • Local golf retailers and sporting goods stores like Play It Again Sports
  • Pawn shops

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Compare your golf club selling options to find the best fit for your goals. If you want a quick and convenient sale, online golf trade in stores are probably your best bet. Want to get the most money? Online marketplaces, forums and local private buyers might be worth the wait. If you need fast cash today, local pro stores and golf retailers are good options. Make sure you understand all the terms before you sell, including selling and shipping fees, so you can get a fair price and enjoy a pleasant golf club selling experience.

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