Can You Sell an Activation Locked Apple Watch?

Want to sell an Activation Locked Apple Watch? It’s possible, if you can find a buyer – but you’ll get more money if you unlock your Apple Watch first. Here’s everything you need to know about selling an Apple Watch that’s activation locked.

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It might be tough to find a buyer

Buyback stores won’t buy activation locked Apple Watches, and many private buyers are wary of them, too. That’s because it’s easy to remove Activation Lock on an Apple Watch you own, so if you’re selling one that’s locked it’s a red flag the watch might be stolen.
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That said, you can post your activation locked Apple Watch on eBay, Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace and other classifieds sites to see if you can find a private buyer. Make it clear your Apple Watch is activation locked to avoid issues like returns. You might also want to explain why you haven’t removed the lock.

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You’ll get more money if you unlock your Apple Watch first

Unlock your Apple Watch first and you’ll have more selling options, including online buyback stores, so you’ll get more money. It’s easy to unlock your Apple Watch from your paired iPhone or iCloud. How to remove Apple Watch Activation Lock from your paired iPhone
  • Open the Apple Watch app on your paired iPhone
  • Browse to MY WATCH and tap your Apple Watch name
  • Enter your Apple ID password and confirm (if you forgot it, you can reset it here)
How to remove Apple Watch Activation Lock from iCloud If your Apple Watch isn’t paired with an iPhone, if it’s disabled or if you can’t access it, you can still disable Activation Lock by resetting your Apple Watch via iCloud.
  • Log in to iCloud
  • Browse to FIND MY IPHONE > ALL DEVICES and select your Apple Watch
  • Click ERASE APPLE WATCH > NEXT > and finally the X to reset your Apple Watch to factory settings and disable Activation Lock

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