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Which iPad Do You Have? How to Identify Your iPad Model

Not sure which iPad you have? Need to know its model, generation, capacity and carrier so you can sell it? Here’s how to identify your iPad.

Find your iPad’s model number, capacity and carrier

The easiest way to tell which iPad you have is to look up its model number, storage capacity and carrier (if applicable). The model number begins with the letter “A.” To find it, either:
  • Look on the back of your iPad
  • Browse to SETTINGS > ABOUT
  • Tap MODEL to reveal the “A” number
To find your iPad’s storage capacity:
  • At the top, you’ll see the amount of storage used and the total capacity of your iPad (for example, 25 GB of 256 GB Used, where 256 GB represents the total storage capacity)
To find your iPad’s carrier:
  • Browse to SETTINGS > GENERAL and view CARRIER. Note that WiFi-only models will not have a carrier

Identify your iPad model name, generation and connectivity

Once you know your iPad’s model number, reference the following table to identify its model name, generation and connectivity.
A1219iPad1st (2010)WiFi
A1337iPad1st (2010)WiFi + 3G
A1395iPad 22nd (2011)WiFi
A1396iPad 22nd (2011)WiFi + GSM Cellular
A1397iPad 22nd (2011)WiFi + CDMA Cellular
A1416iPad 33rd (Early 2012)WiFi
A1430iPad 33rd (Early 2012)WiFi + GSM Cellular
A1403iPad 33rd (Early 2012)WiFi + CDMA Cellular
A1458iPad 44th (Late 2012)WiFi
A1459iPad 44th (Late 2012)WiFi + GSM Cellular
A1460iPad 44th (Late 2012)WiFi + CDMA Cellular
A1822iPad 55th (2017)WiFi
A1823iPad 55th (2017)WiFi + Cellular
A1893iPad 66th (2018)WiFi
A1954iPad 66th (2018)WiFi + Cellular
A1432iPad Mini1st (Late 2012)WiFi
A1454iPad Mini1st (Late 2012)WiFi + GSM Cellular
A1455iPad Mini1st (Late 2012)WiFi + CDMA Cellular
A1489iPad Mini 22nd (Late 2013)WiFi
A1490iPad Mini 22nd (Late 2013)WiFi + Cellular
A1491iPad Mini 22nd (Early 2014)WiFi + TD Cellular (China)
A1599iPad Mini 33rd (Late 2014)WiFi
A1600iPad Mini 33rd (Late 2014)WiFi + Cellular
A1538iPad Mini 44th (Late 2015)WiFi
A1550iPad Mini 44th (Late 2015)WiFi + Cellular
A2133iPad Mini 55th (2019)WiFi
A2124iPad Mini 55th (2019)WiFi + Cellular (Global)
A2126iPad Mini 55th (2019)WiFi + Cellular (US/CA)
A2125iPad Mini 55th (2019)WiFi + Cellular (China)
A1474iPad Air1st (Late 2013)WiFi
A1475iPad Air1st (Late 2013)WiFi + Cellular
A1476iPad Air1st (Early 2014)WiFi + Cellular (China)
A1566iPad Air 22nd (Late 2014)WiFi
A1567iPad Air 22nd (Late 2014)WiFi + Cellular
A2152iPad Air 33rd (2019)WiFi
A2123iPad Air 33rd (2019)WiFi + Cellular (Global)
A2153iPad Air 33rd (2019)WiFi + Cellular (US/CA)
A2154iPad Air 33rd (2019)WiFi + Cellular (China)
A1584iPad Pro 12.9-inch1st (2015)WiFi
A1652iPad Pro 12.9-inch1st (2015)WiFi + Cellular
A1673iPad Pro 9.7-inch1st (2016)WiFi
A1674iPad Pro 9.7-inch1st (2016)WiFi + Cellular
A1701iPad Pro 10.5-inch1st (2017)WiFi
A1709iPad Pro 10.5-inch1st (2017)WiFi + Cellular
A1852iPad Pro 10.5-inch1st (2017)WiFi + Cellular (China)
A1670iPad Pro 12.9-inch2nd (2017)WiFi
A1671iPad Pro 12.9-inch2nd (2017)WiFi + Cellular
A1821iPad Pro 12.9-inch2nd (2017)WiFi + Cellular (China)
A1980iPad Pro 11-inch1st (2017)WiFi
A1934iPad Pro 11-inch1st (2017)WiFi + Cellular (Global)
A2013iPad Pro 11-inch1st (2017)WiFi + Cellular (US/CA)
A1979iPad Pro 11-inch1st (2017)WiFi + Cellular (China)
A1876iPad Pro 12.9-inch3rd (2018)WiFi
A2014iPad Pro 12.9-inch3rd (2018)WiFi + Cellular (US/CA)
A1895iPad Pro 12.9-inch3rd (2018)WiFi + Cellular (Global)
A1983iPad Pro 12.9-inch3rd (2018)WiFi + Cellular (China)

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