What iPhone Do You Have? How to Find Your iPhone Make, Model, Capacity and Carrier

Not sure which iPhone you have? We’ll show you how to find out.

If you want to sell your iPhone you'll need to know details like its make, model, capacity, and carrier in order to get an accurate price and the highest possible payout. Here's how to find out which iPhone you have.


Apple is the make of all iPhones.


Interestingly, all iPhones have two model numbers. The first can be found near the bottom of the back case. Once you've located the model number, visit Apple's iPhone identification page to see which model of phone it represents (for example, A1633 represents an iPhone 6s).

You can find the second model number via the settings menu. Browse to SETTINGS ' GENERAL ' ABOUT and scroll down to find it. This number will differ from the model number found on the back case, and lends more specific information such as the storage capacity and color. The model number ME299C/A, for example, corresponds to a space gray 32GB iPhone 5s. To find that information, simply search for the model number on Google.

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Some iPhone models list the storage capacity on the back case, which is the easiest way to find it. If your iPhone does not, you can still find it via the settings menu.

Browse to SETTINGS > GENERAL > ABOUT and scroll down to find "Capacity." It's important to note the capacity listed won't match the advertised capacity, as it is reduced by the loaded operating system files. Here's how to tell what the advertised capacity of your iPhone is:

  • Less than 8GB = 8GB
  • >8GB to <16GB = 16GB
  • >16GB to <32GB = 32GB
  • >32GB to <64GB = 64GB

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You can find your iPhone carrier from the settings menu. Browse to SETTINGS > GENERAL > ABOUT, then find "Carrier." Your carrier will be listed here.

This video shows you how to use the settings menu to find information about your iPhone:


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