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iPhone 12 Mini Value Overview

  • Estimated Cash Offer at Flipsy (good condition): $260 (Select Carrier for Current Offer)
  • Estimated Cash Offer at Flipsy (fair condition): $179 (Select Carrier for Current Offer)
  • Estimated Cash Offer at Flipsy (broken condition): $115 (Select Carrier for Current Offer)
  • Trade-In Value at Verizon: $210 (credit)
  • Trade-In Value at AT&T: $190 (credit)
  • Trade-In Value at T-Mobile: $210 (credit)
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  • Trade-In Value at Best Buy: $210 (credit)
  • Estimated eBay Price (after fees): $276
  • Estimated Swappa Price (after fees): $366
  • Suggested Craigslist Price: $402
  • Original Selling Price: $699 (released October 2020)
  • Current Daily Depreciation Rate: $3.76 per day
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