Mac Mini prices, trade in values & places to sell

Some recent sales to provide a general idea of how much a Mac Mini is worth.

Mac Mini prices
 (retrieved 02/20/2024):
ModelOnline Buyback StoresBrick-and-Mortar StoresOnline Marketplaces (eBay, after fees)
Mac mini M2 Pro, 2023N/A$780$834
Mac mini M2, 2023N/A$360N/A
Mac mini M1, 2020$158$110$674
Mac Mini, 2018$165$70$237
Mac Mini, 2014$0$25$156
Mac Mini, 2012$0$0$159
Mac Mini, 2011N/A$0$105
Mac Mini, 2010N/AN/A$78
* Prices represent base models. Base models have the smallest processors and the least amount of GB’s available. Expect to get about 20% – 30% more for higher storage capacity and processor speed.

Mac Mini Price Factors

If you have the AC adapter or accessories like a wireless keyboard or mouse, you might be able to get more money – typically around $10 or $20 for each accessory.

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If you have the original packaging, it’s a smart idea to let the buyer know – some will pay an extra $10 or so for it. Note that while accessories and packaging can net more money, some buyers will pay less if your Mac Mini has a personalized engraving. Condition is a major factor. The above prices are for good condition items. Expect to get 15-20% less for each downgrade in condition.

Where to sell your Mac Mini

Flipsy Trust Verified Stores Buying The Mac Mini

The following Trust Verified Stores provide cash quotes for your Mac Mini. Let them know your serial number (found on the back cover), condition and any included items. You’ll get a quote delivered to your inbox in about 24 hours. Be sure to describe your Mac Mini’s condition to get the most accurate price. Some of the stores have winnowers or serial number look ups to find your value but many have incomplete serial number databases, so while they may buy your Mac they won’t show a price. By contacting them with your serial number they can do the look up to provide the most accurate quote.

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