AT&T Trade In Program Review: How It Works & What It Pays

We give you the lowdown on AT&T’s trade in program and how it compares to other buyback options

How does the AT&T trade-in program work? How much does AT&T pay for used phones? Find out in our AT&T trade in program review!

Is the AT&T trade-in program a good deal?

Let’s start by comparing how much AT&T will pay for some popular phones versus trade in offers found on (updated 05/06/2024).

iPhone 14 128GB (Verizon)$290$350
iPhone 14 Pro 128GB (Verizon)$395$462
iPhone SE 3 64GB Verizon$95$122
iPhone 13 128GB Verizon$190$275
iPhone 12 64GB Verizon$130$186
iPhone 11 64GB Verizon$95$148
iPhone SE 2 64GB Verizon$35$60
iPhone XS Max 64GB Verizon$95$163
iPhone XS 64GB Verizon$45$108
iPhone XR 64GB Verizon$45$102
iPhone X 64GB Verizon$35$100
iPhone 8 Plus 64GB Verizon$15$82
iPhone 8 64GB Verizon$10$44
Galaxy S22 128GB Verizon$130$166
Galaxy Z Fold 3 Verizon$140$261
Galaxy Z Fold 2 Verizon$95$276
Galaxy S21 128GB Verizon$95$114
Galaxy Note 20 Verizon$95$135
Galaxy Z Flip 3 Verizon$95$110
Galaxy Z Flip 2/5G Verizon$35$135
Galaxy S20 Verizon$45$111
Galaxy Note 10 Verizon$35$105
Galaxy S10 128GB Verizon$35$70
Galaxy 9 Plus 64GB Verizon$15$40
Galaxy S9 64GB Verizon$15$33
Galaxy Note 8 64GB Verizon$25$59
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In addition, AT&T only pays in store credit – not cash – so you must spend your money with AT&T. Flipsy Trust Verified Stores offer cash payouts, so you’re free to spend your money wherever and however you’d like.

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How the AT&T trade-in program works

Start by visiting AT&T’s trade-in page, then follow these instructions:

  1. Search or browse for your phone
  2. Answer a few questions about its condition, enter its IMEI or serial number, and AT&T will present you with an offer
  3. If you accept the offer, AT&T will send you a prepaid shipping kit within 10 business days (alternatively, you can print your own label and use your own shipping materials)
  4. Pack your phone in the shipping kit and return it within 30 days
  5. Once AT&T receives your phone and verifies its condition, you will receive an AT&T Promotion Card credited with your phone’s value within four weeks OR the value of your device offer as bill credit within 1 to 3 billing cycles

With lower payouts limited to store credit, AT&T does not offer the best deal for used phones. If you want more money – in cash – it literally pays to check Flipsy first.

AT&T in-store trade in

AT&T also accepts in-store trade ins for those who want to buy a new phone. Here’s how AT&T’s in-store trade in program works:

  1. Take your phone to a local AT&T store
  2. The store rep will evaluate your phone’s trade in value and make an offer
  3. If you accept the offer, you can take both your new phone and old phone home
  4. The rep will order a prepaid shipping kit and send it to your address
  5. Once you receive the shipping kit, package your old phone and send it in within 30 days to receive your credit

The in-store AT&T trade in process gives you time to transfer data and settings to your new phone before you ship your old phone.

AT&T Trade In Program FAQs

Answers to frequently asked questions about the AT&T trade in program.

Can you trade in a cracked phone at AT&T?

Yes, AT&T accepts cracked and broken phones. Note that a broken phone will significantly decrease the value of your device. If AT&T determines your phone is in worse condition than stated, you will receive a revised offer. In some cases, a broken phone could disqualify you from promotional offers.

What is considered an eligible trade in at AT&T?

AT&T accepts many phones, tablets and smartwatches, including Apple iPhones, iPads and Watches, Samsung Galaxy phones and tablets, Google Pixel phones, Motorola phones and more. Some promotions have specific requirements based on the model and value.

Can you trade in a Verizon or T-Mobile phone at AT&T?

Yes, AT&T accepts phones originally sold by Verizon, T-Mobile and other carriers.

How does AT&T trade in pay? Cash or credit?

It depends. If you’re not buying a new phone, AT&T will issue a promotional card you can use to purchase accessories or put toward your wireless bill. If you’re buying a new phone and trading your old phone in as part of a promotion, the value will be applied as bill credit in 36 monthly installments. Note that if you switch carriers before 36 months, you’ll be responsible for the remaining bill credit balance.

How long is AT&T’s offer good?

The offer is good for 30 days, which is the deadline for sending in your device.

How long does the process take?

According to AT&T support, you’ll receive your promotional card about 4 weeks after you ship your phone. Promotional credits are applied within one to three billing cycles (30 to 90 days).

Where can you find AT&T trade in deals?

AT&T lists deals on its website. You can also find the best AT&T trade in deals on Flipsy.

Can you get a free phone?

Yes, some AT&T trade in deals feature free phones. Find the best current offers on Flipsy.

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What to do before trading in to AT&T?

You should back up and factory reset your device to erase all data before shipping. Though AT&T promises to wipe phones, they can still get lost or stolen during shipping. Here’s how to back up and reset Apple and Android devices.

How to check AT&T trade in status?

Visit AT&T’s status page and enter your email address and confirmation number for the latest updates.

What does AT&T do with old phones?

In general, carriers sell the phones to third-party companies that refurbish and resell them. In some cases, carriers refurbish and resell used phones on their own websites. Irreparable phones and those with little value are typically recycled.

Are there AT&T trade in scams?

As long as you’re on AT&T’s official site, you shouldn’t have to worry about potential scams. That said, it’s important to read the fine print before agreeing to any trade in deal. For example, many promotions pay via bill credit applied over 36 months, which essentially locks you in to AT&T service for three years.

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Can you cancel an AT&T trade in?

You can cancel your trade in by simply not shipping your old phone. AT&T will never receive it, so they won’t issue a promotional card. If you accepted a trade-in offer for a new phone and don’t ship your old phone, AT&T won’t apply bill credits and you’ll need to make the full monthly payments on your new device. If you’ve already shipped your old phone, you might not be able to cancel the trade in. Contact AT&T’s customer service to see if they can help.

How to contact AT&T trade in customer service?

Visit AT&T’s trade in support page to chat with a representative or call 1-888-445-6005.

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