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Which Samsung Phone Do I Have? How to Find the Make, Model & Carrier of Samsung Phones

Need to identify your Samsung smartphone? Here’s how to find the make, model, version and carrier of your Samsung smartphone (with video).

Want to know the make, model, version, and carrier of your Samsung Galaxy or other Samsung smartphone? You'll need to know this information if you want to sell it or need a screen protector, parts or repairs. It's easy to find via the settings menu.

  2. Samsung is the make of your phone, and you’ll find the model number and version in the list (if you don’t see your Android version, select SOFTWARE INFORMATION)
  3. Select STATUS to see your carrier under the NETWORK listing (alternatively, select STATUS > SIM CARD STATUS)
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The process can vary slightly between models, particularly from older versions to more recent versions. Here’s how to find device information on a Samsung Galaxy S5: Here’s how to do it on a Galaxy S6 Edge: This video demonstrates how to find device information on a Galaxy S10:
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Here are some examples of what you'll see:

Phone name (make)

Model number
  • SM-G900V

Android version (the version number of your operating system)
  • 5.0

Baseband version (the version number of your software)
  • G900VVRU2BOK3

STATUS > NETWORK (your carrier)
  • Verizon Wireless

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